IKEA releases a good ad KALAS for the move

IKEA releases a good ad KALAS for the move

IKEA's new advertising campaign in Quebec dedicated to moving day is good in TÅRBÄK! The concept is simple: all the swear words that might come out of your exasperated mouth this July 1st are replaced by IKEA product names that can solve your moving problems.

This is the Quebec creative agency Rethink who's behind the fun concept that cleverly plays on language and the sense of frustration that can come from lugging boxes and/or the washer-dryer combo.

Here are some examples:

« The children broke all the crockery KALAS. »

« M' KRITTER that in the trash, that inflatable mattress. »

« You put the crooked tablet in SIBBHULT. »

IKEA releases a good-looking KALAS moving ad

“Moving day is a phenom omen that is unique in scope in Quebec. That's why we were seduced by the local relevance of this campaign, 100 % rooted in the uniqueness of Quebec and its French language,” says Carolyn Thrasher, marketing communications specialist at IKEA.

Advertising can be found on billboards, on the radio and on the web.

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