Immigrant workers demand better working conditions

The Immigrant workers demand better working conditions

Immigrants participated in a rally in Montreal organized by the Immigrant Workers Center (CTI).

In order to obtain better working conditions, a hundred people took part on Saturday afternoon in a rally organized by the Immigrant Workers Center (CTI) in Montreal.

The participants took advantage of International Workers' Day, which takes place this Sunday, to make their demands heard in front of the Parc metro station, in the Parc-Extension district.

“Immigrants have specific problems with the labor market, intimately linked with their migratory status. The mission of our center is to accompany them, especially when there is a violation of their rights in the workplace,” says Cheolki Yoon, one of the organizers of this rally.

A large number of people are waiting for permanent residence and are worried about the long processing times from the federal authorities.

“With a closed work permit, you can work for only one employer. This situation is a source of great stress for them. This makes them vulnerable and abuse by employers is not uncommon,” explains Cheolki Yoon.

The CTI, which regularly organizes information sessions to support them in their efforts, calls, among other things, for an increase in the minimum wage to $18, better access to public services and “more flexibility in the choice of work permits”. .

“The center supported me a lot. I went through difficult times with my former employer. Thanks to them, I obtained an open work permit which allows me to work for any employer, indicates Audrey (fictitious name) who wishes to remain anonymous. This nightmare is over and I am only beginning to appreciate Quebec.”

“We came to this rally to claim the right to equality for all. We want decent wages and not have to have two jobs to live. For 6 years, I have made a lot of sacrifices”, mentions Bénédicte Carole Ze, originally from Cameroon, who left her children in the country. “I just got permanent residency. I will finally begin the process to sponsor my children so that they come to Quebec.”

The members of the CTI will take part in the official march on May 1, starting from Cabot Square, at 1 p.m.

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