In grief, Celine Dion pays a vibrant tribute to her mother in concert in Miami

En deuil, Céline Dion rend un vibrant hommage à sa mère en spectacle à Miami

Celine Dion during her performance at the Centre Videotron last September.

January 18, 2020 14h57


In grief, Celine Dion pays a vibrant tribute to her mother in concert in Miami

Hélène Mocha

The Canadian Press


MONTREAL — In mourning for his mother for a few hours, Celine Dion gave his show scheduled for Friday night in Miami, in the framework of his tour “Courage”.

It was the way for the singer to make a vibrant tribute to her mother, which was the trigger leading to his international career.

“It is because of her and my father that I became an artist, performer,” said Celine Dion on the crowd of the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

“Tonight, the part of my brothers and my sisters and all my family (long pause), we want to dedicate this show,” added Céline, to his fans who supported him with applause.

Thérèse Dion has died at the age of 92 years. The one that was nicknamed affectionately as “Maman Dion” died “peacefully at home” in the night from Thursday to Friday, surrounded by his family, including his younger sister Céline, who stressed that he spent the evening at his bedside.

“We have told stories. We sang songs. We are entwined and we made our farewells,” said the star on a your intimate and taking long breaks.

“We are pretty certain that mom was waiting for us all to be together before you leave,” said the singer who grew up in Charlemagne, in the Lanaudière region, to the spectators.

Celine Dion was still in Miami on Saturday, where another concert was scheduled in the evening, in the same place. His tour of Courage will bring him later in Texas at the end of January, and then in several other american cities until April.

The chance has, however, made sure that his reunion with his people of quebec will take place very soon, or the time of a show at Montreal’s Bell Centre on February 18 next. An evening which may be rich in emotions when you think of how the people of quebec had a fondness for his “Maman Dion”.

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