In the shrink's office: how do you choose the right therapist?

 In the shrink's office: how do I choose the right therapist?

Taking care of your mental health is essential. And even more in times of pandemic! But, to get adequate help, you still have to choose the right person. Here are some tips from shrink to guide your research and find the right fit . & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Define your expectations & nbsp;

Recognizing that you need professional help is already good, but trying to identify what is expected of therapy , it's even better. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Before you even start calling shrinks, you can take the time to think about what you want. Meetings every week, every two weeks? Short therapy to address a specific issue? Online or face-to-face? What is the reason that prompts us to consult? These are all questions you can ask yourself before contacting shrinks, “explains psychologist Janick Coutu, best known for her TikTok capsules on mental health. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Without making an exhaustive list, we can thus determine the criteria that are important to us. The age or gender of the shrink can also be taken into account, but we can also “give yourself the chance to discover the other” and remain flexible, as psychologist and lecturer Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier suggests. & Nbsp;

Do your research & nbsp;

Once our expectations are clearer, we can choose a therapist who generally matches our criteria.

“In order not to run into just anyone, the first thing to do is to look on the website of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec to verify that the person you want to consult has the right to practice as a psychologist or psychotherapist, ”suggests Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier. & nbsp; & nbsp;

On the website of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec, several professionals mention their specialties (depression, eating disorder, burnout, etc.) and their theoretical approach. Very useful information to make your choice. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Is the current going? & nbsp;

But, even if all our criteria seem important to us and will probably guide our decision, what matters most is to feel comfortable with your shrink. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Having a bond of trust and being comfortable with your psychologist is crucial. This is called the therapeutic alliance and this alliance determines 70% of the effectiveness of a therapy ”, underlines Janick Coutu. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

So that we can do a first impression, the psychologist therefore recommends calling the shrink before even making an appointment to ask our practical questions. In addition to collecting information on your method, this allows you to have a more meaningful first contact than by email. & Nbsp;

That said, it is especially the first sessions that will allow us to say if we feel comfortable or not with the person and if their method suits us. And on this point, Janick Coutu advises to “follow your internal compass.” choice. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Like in any relationship, you rarely feel completely comfortable the first time you meet,” she says. We can also name the things that bother us if there are some and if it doesn't, we should not hesitate to look for another person. ”& Nbsp;

Who to contact? & Nbsp ; & nbsp;

  • To get help and find out about mental health resources: Info-Social at 811 & nbsp;
  • < li> To find a psychologist or psychotherapist: the Ordre des psychologues du Québec at 514 738-1223 or at 1 800 561-1223 & nbsp;

  • For suicide prevention: 1 866 277-3553 (call) or 1 855 957-5353 (text message) & nbsp;
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