In the turmoil, McCann and Blais will not represent themselves

In the storm, McCann and Blais will not represent themselves

The Minister of Higher Education, Danielle McCann.

The CAQ Council of Ministers will change its face if the party is re-elected. Danielle McCann and Marguerite Blais will not run in the next elections, scheduled for the fall.

The premiere confirmed the news herself on her Twitter page. “I will be a grandmother in the spring. This is one of the most beautiful news, and which pushes me to devote myself to my family. I will provide an update to the citizens of Sanguinet soon,” published the Minister of Higher Education.

Marguerite Blais, Minister Responsible for Seniors and Loved Ones caregivers, has yet to confirm the news, first reported by Radio-Canada.

Ms. Blais and McCann have been wading through troubled waters for a few days. The CHSLD Herron tragedy, in which 47 residents lost their lives during the first wave, is resurfacing. According to Radio-Canada, the two ministers knew that the staff was deserting the Herron residence and that the conditions there were critical for the residents before the affair surfaced in the media.

The oppositions demanded the resignation of the two ministers. At the Blue Salon, the liberal Pierre Arcand directly insulted Marguerite Blais by calling her “incompetent”. When she left the Salon bleu, Marguerite Blais admitted to being shaken.

“MPs should be a little more civilized in the House. There are words that touch us: we are human beings,” she recalled.

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