Incentives to recruit 18,000 new educators by 2026

Incentives to recruit 18,000 new educators by 2026

New measures for an investment of $295 million aim to recruit 18,000 new educators in the service network educational childcare centers by 2026, were jointly announced by the Minister of Families, Mr. Mathieu Lacombe, and the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity, Mr. Jean Boulet. 7,000 workers already in the network will be able to train and requalify as qualified educators.

Scholarship incentives will allow students who choose the Early Childhood Education Techniquesto receive at the end of each semester completed $1,500, i.e. $9,000 at the end of the DEC (3 years). This measure follows the government’s workforce operation announced last November, which indicated that scholarships would be offered in certain strategic sectors. The implementation is scheduled for September 2022. “We are at the time when young people are thinking about what they want to do in Cégep. Of course, I'm going to take the opportunity to tell them “we need you people”. It’s an exciting, rewarding and much more valued job, ”says the Minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe.

The plan also plans to recognize the achievements and skills of 7,000 workers already in the network. The government intends to financially support employers so that employees can obtain an Attestation of College Studies (AEC). “This will allow educators to be freed up to complete an application file, prepare for assessments and follow the missing training, if necessary, while maintaining the employment link with the employer” . The government is therefore aiming for a total of 25,000 additional qualified educators in the network by 2026.

The government wants to attract new retirees from the sector with the establishment of a 6.6% salary bonus for those who choose to return to provide assistance to the educators in place, while the new cohorts integrate the network. “They [educators] are exhausted, they need help so you have to be attractive,” explains Minister Lacombe. This temporary measure will be in effect until March 2023.

New trainings for future workers

The Minister of Families and the Minister of Employment are also betting on people who would like to reorient themselves in the early childhood sector who have a relevant diploma for the field. This is also the case for immigrants who graduated abroad. To do this, the ministers want to facilitate their arrival in the network by offering them refresher training and specialization training, accessible from September 2022.

A brand new 90-hour training will be launched in March. , it aims to quickly fill the jobs of unqualified educators. The $475 per week allowance announced last November for unemployed people who enroll in training in one of the targeted sectors is eligible for this training.

A web and television campaign will be broadcast as soon as January 17. Named, “So that our treasures grow strong”, the campaign aims to promote the profession of early childhood educator and encourages career choices to be made in this direction.

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