Increase in parking fines in Montreal as of Monday

Increase parking fines in Montreal as of Monday

Fines for illegal parking will increase as of January 16.

Warning for motorists: as of January 16, fines for illegal parking in Montreal will increase by 15%, as provided for in a regulation adopted by the Montreal City Council last December.

This increase concerns in particular motorists who immobilize their car in an area reserved for the disabled or in a reserved lane. Tickets for these offenses will increase from $234 to $271. For parking in double line or in an area where stopping is prohibited, the fine will increase from $61 to $71. For illegal parking, the fine will be $60, instead of $51.

In addition to strengthening the safety of road network users, encouraging motorist discipline and give priority to alternative modes of transportation as provided for in Montreal's Vision Zero Action Plan, this increase in fines, in effect as of January 16, could generate additional revenue of $9 million for the City.


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