Independence goes through the reform of the voting system, according to Manon Masse

The reform of the voting system promised by the CAQ is one of the keys to achieving the independence of Quebec, advance co-spokesman Solidarity Manon Massé.
Despite the torment experienced by the Parti Quebecois, which has just lost its youngest MP Catherine Fournier, Ms. Massé believes “the chances are very high” that Quebec will become independent in the near future.

First, because young people “largely choose the Quebec Solidaire vehicle, which does not hide from being a separatist party”, but also because the CAQ, the PQ and QS agree to reform the voting system before the next elections. A mixed proportional voting system would allow smaller parties to break through.

“Once that’s done, it’s over the great flagship, that’s the end of the idea that you have to meet before going to the electorate.” No: we go to the electorate with our DNA, who we really are. People are not caught in an alternating voting system. They see for what they think, “says Ms. Massé. Subsequently, if a majority of independence parties are elected, sovereignty can take place, believes solidarity.

Ms. Massé will not try at all costs to rally independent MP Catherine Fournier to her political party. “I have no problem that there are plenty of separatists taking a lot of paths.”

Québec Solidaire also believes that linking the issue of independence to that of environmental protection is a promising avenue for the future. “The independence of Quebec is necessary to be able to achieve the real fight against climate change,” she says. For Quebec could become independent of the oil industry and act with “all means” to counter the climate emergency.

Green Budget

Quebec Solidaire presented Thursday its expectations for the Quebec budget, which will be tabled on March 21. The party wants this budget to display only one color: the green, to give a “coup de bar” for the climate.

QS calls for three “catch-up” measures: doubling public transit investments in the Québec Infrastructure Plan (PQI) to achieve equality with road investments, halving public transit rates across Quebec and doubling the budget from the Ministry of the Environment.

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