Instagram is testing paid subscriptions for its valued influencers

Instagram is testing paid subscriptions for its valuable influencers

Instagram will give influencers the possibility of offering paid subscriptions to their fans, a new tool for the social network which needs to attract and retain content creators so as not to lose ground to YouTube and TikTok.

Creators “need predictable income,” Adam Mosseri, the boss of the platform, which belongs to Meta (Facebook), explained in a video on Wednesday.

“And subscriptions are one of the best ways to to have predictable income, which does not depend on the audience which varies from one publication to another, inevitably”, he continued.

To begin, Instagram will test this approach from a handful of influencers in the United States.

Their paying subscribers will have access to exclusive “stories” (ephemeral posts) and “lives” (live videos), and will distinguish themselves from other fans by a purple symbol next to their name, for creators to easily identify them. in comments or private messages.

The initially free social networks – since their business model is based on advertising revenue – have deployed different remuneration techniques in recent years.

They allow platform professionals to diversify their sources of income, beyond the percentage of advertising, derivative products, contracts with brands and sales of educational or sports programs.

On TikTok, for example, spectators can make donations. On Twitch (video game platform) too, and they can also subscribe to their favorite players.

Twitter has followed suit with initiatives like paid subscriptions to certain accounts or the “Tip Jar” or “tip box”.

“We want to help creators turn their audience into fans, and their fans in income,” summed up Esther Crawford, director of monetization products at Twitter, last September. “We want Twitter to be the best place for influencers to have conversations with their audience.”

Adam Mosseri also clarified that his teams are looking for a way for creators “to be able to take their followers to d’ other applications published by other companies”.

European and American competition authorities regularly call on platforms to facilitate data portability, i.e. the possibility for users to 8217;take their contacts with them on another app if they wish.

Meta, like other tech giants, faces various investigations and complaints for abuse of dominance.

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