Instant success for Operation “Local”

Instant success for Operation

Les Estriens offered a quick and enthusiastic response to the Sherbrooke – Operation “Local” initiative.

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Mélanie Noël La Tribune The return to restrictions in the red zone was greeted with pain, but also with a lot of fighting spirit by the merchants of Sherbrooke. But the response of the Estriens to the Sherbrooke – Operation “Local” initiative will have brought back its share of good humor behind the windows.

In less than a day, this first participatory campaign in support of Sherbrooke businesses launched by Commerce Sherbrooke on the La Ruche Estrie platform reached its objective of $ 100,000. Invited to purchase $ 30 vouchers enhanced by $ 10 by Commerce Sherbrooke, citizens emptied the Christmas stocking in barely 14 hours. Commerce Sherbrooke reacted by relaunching 1,500 additional vouchers on the La Ruche Estrie site for a total objective of $ 160,000.

Some fifty retail businesses will thus ensure a certain influx over the coming weeks, such as fashion, sports and leisure shops, delicatessens and gourmet shops taking part in the initiative.

“If the primary objective of this campaign is to quickly inject funds into the local economy, it also represents an opportunity to educate the Sherbrooke population about local purchasing at the dawn of the holiday season,” says Charles- Olivier Mercier, General Manager of Commerce Sherbrooke. We have a collective responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the businesses that we love so much. Actively supporting our local businesses pays off for us all. “

The goal of this collective initiative was to quickly inject $ 100,000 into the local economy, that is, $ 75,000 invested by citizens and $ 25,000 by Commerce Sherbrooke.

Other upcoming campaigns

While this first participatory campaign launched in collaboration with La Ruche Estrie targets shopping, Commerce Sherbrooke wishes to deploy two other campaigns within the next few months in order to help various sectors of activity that have been particularly affected by the pandemic. These will be devoted respectively to personal care and well-being, followed by outings and cultural experiences. The dates of these campaigns will be announced later, depending on the restrictions in force. In all, $ 300,000, or $ 225,000 from citizens and $ 75,000 from Commerce Sherbrooke, will be invested in local businesses if the three campaigns achieve their objectives.

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