Interview with Julien Lacroix: Stephan Bureau “wants it”

Interview with Julien Lacroix: Stephan Bureau “s’wants it” /></p>
<p> Fallen comedian Julien Lacroix gave his first television interview in two years to Stéphan Bureau. </p>
<p>The host of the show Le Monde à l’envers, Stephan Bureau, says he “is angry” for his interview with comedian Julien Lacroix, which aired Friday evening on TVA. While his interview with the fallen comedian drew widespread criticism from viewers on social media, Mr. Bureau said Sunday, on the professional networking site Linkedin, to be of the opinion that he “doesn't not give the best of himself”.</p>
<p>Many viewers criticized Mr. Bureau for his tone and approach during the television interview, the first given by Mr. Lacroix since the release of the report from Le Devoir newspaper in 2020. </p>
<p>“I thought it was difficult, if not impossible, to make Julien’s voice heard, his version of the facts, without first going through the wall of fire of the most difficult questions. His own experience, his personal record could only be heard after we first acquitted ourselves of a more introspective feedback. Maybe I overdid it? Worse, I probably looked like a prosecutor. This is a posture that I denounce in my colleagues and which has disturbed my sleep since, ”recalls the host in a message on social networks. </p>
<p>The latter goes on to say that he does not aspire to be “a director of conscience”, because his is “not immaculate”.</p>
<p>“The opportunity to finally open the discussion on the best way to approach these delicate, difficult, and above all, which call for nuance, issues that are the modern relationships between men and women, and indeed this opportunity  was missed. I am solely responsible for it and I blame myself because we had a great opportunity to do so. I’ve read that I was “full” of myself.  The word hurts, it also sticks. I didn't like myself watching the interview again,” he explains. was 'click-seeking' and was 'in bad faith' when he posted about the sexual misconduct allegations against her. </p>
<p>Julien Lacroix also denounced the “journalistic work” of <em>Devoir</em>. In his report in 2020, the daily would have made “amalgams between several cases”, denounces the comedian, who sees “a danger in carrying out investigations like that”.</p>
<p>“We were thirsty for blood, we wanted heads to roll. I participate in this show because I am here, but we have questions to ask ourselves about what we bequeath to these young boys [who have been denounced]”, he argued.</p></p>

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