Is it better to quit your job or wait to get fired?

 Is it better to quit your job or wait until you get fired?

The decision to quit a job or wait for a dismissal depends on several factors, according to human resources specialists.

Insatifait.e & nbsp; at work? Isn't the relationship with your employer great? Should you quit your job or wait to get fired? Several dissatisfied employees are asking the question. Here are the main factors to observe, according to specialists.

Your financial situation & nbsp;

The decision may first depend on your financial situation. employment. If the deadline is not met, he must pay compensation. In the majority of cases, the compensation is paid since no time limit is given “, indicates & nbsp; Marie-Hélène & nbsp; Chèvrefils, president of the human resources cabinet & nbsp; Evō & nbsp; Conseils. & Nbsp;

The longer you are in a company, the more this compensation is important. Knowing this, you have to ask yourself the question: is it worth staying to benefit from it or can you do without it?

Your level of employability & nbsp;

You also need to consider your level of employability. Could your experience and skills please your neighbor? In this time of labor shortage, your chances of finding a job? ; are & nbsp; obviously & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Your health & nbsp;

“Dealing with a termination is not easy! Are you ready to go through this? ”Asks Marie-Hélène & nbsp; Chèvrefils. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

For & nbsp;, & nbsp; it & nbsp; can be a traumatic experience, & nbsp; confirms Caroline Jost, co-founder of the human resources coaching firm & nbsp; iNNERSHiP . For the personal esteem of these people, perhaps it is & nbsp; better to quit your job of your own free will. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Company culture & nbsp;

The decision may also depend on how the company you work for & nbsp; treats its staff. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“The job market is moving towards something more benevolent, & nbsp; & nbsp; however & nbsp; Caroline Jost. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

More and more companies have more humane job termination processes. They can pay for career transition services. These are firms that help you find another job. & Nbsp; They will also offer to consult organizational psychologists to support you in this ordeal. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Your principles & nbsp;

Finally, there is a question of values ​​and principles. If you feel bad faith on the part of an employer, it is better to wait until they fire you, since if the dismissal is unfair, union resources can defend your cause. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Verdict & nbsp;

So, is it better to quit your job or get fired?

If you & nbsp; consider that your financial situation and level of employability are very average, that you have the capacity to take the emotional load of a dismissal and that your employer & nbsp; offers a healthy corporate culture , you're probably better off waiting to be shown the door. You will receive compensation and your employer may even help you find a new job.

On the other hand, if you have savings, know that you can easily get hired elsewhere, that you know you are sensitive to rejection and that your employer is not kind enough to help you in your transition, you would do better to take the initiative to take your clicks and slaps and get out. & nbsp; & nbsp;

​​ A referral , & nbsp; is this frowned upon by employers? & nbsp;

​​Normally a referral is confidential, explains Caroline Jost from & nbsp; iNNERSHiP . However, a future employer can still learn it. & Nbsp;
& nbsp;
“Montreal is small. In some areas, everyone knows each other, “she says. & Nbsp;

She says, however, & nbsp; that employers usually don't feel cold to know that there has been a dismissal. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ;

“It is possible that it does not work well in one environment and then really well in another.” & nbsp;

Obviously, if the said dismissal is justified by misconduct, it you will need to be prepared to answer embarrassing questions. & nbsp;

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