Is taking care of the planet the responsibility of women?

Is taking care of the planet the responsibility of women? 

CHRONICLE – Lately, I have noticed that it is mainly women who follow me on social networks.

According to reports from my platforms, 96% are women, compared to a slim 4% of men. The same goes for the people who attend my conferences. This observation leads me to ask myself a question: do women bear the responsibility for the health of the planet on their shoulders? On this day dedicated to women's rights, I wanted to pay tribute to them, especially those who take care of the environment on a daily basis.  

The Network of Women in the Environment recently carried out a exploratory study to assess the presence of women in the media compared to that of their male colleagues. Obviously, experts on environmental issues were studied. 

Observation: less than 30% of the experts cited were women. 

And that's not all! The results are significantly lower when it comes to the presence of those addressing climate change (20% women) and the environment (20% women).  

However, several women are at the head of large associations: this is the case at Équiterre or the David Suzuki Foundation, to mention only a few. How is it that the platform is mainly offered to men, while many women are on the ground to encourage us to green our habits? 

We are familiar with the face of Laure Waridel, probably the most famous Quebec activist here, but among the 750 women members of the Network of Women in the Environment, I can tell you that many are very inspiring. They act and work actively to find solutions to help the planet. They maintain at arm's length the delicate balance of our environment.  

Whether they are teachers, journalists or content creators, they make environmental education a priority. Just like those who work in the shadows, as researchers on subjects as specialized as the impact of pesticides on the placenta for example, or those who specialize in the circular economy, by developing food products based on edible insects or by recycling food waste.  

They are also at the head of large-scale citizen initiatives, such as La Tasse, which can now be found throughout Quebec. Others are more discreet and campaign far from the spotlight, but close to their community, to block real estate development projects that would destroy wooded areas and, at the same time, the fragile biodiversity that surrounds their homes. 

One thing is certain, women of all generations are committed to the Quebec of today and tomorrow. Everything suggests that, naturally, they are the ones who take responsibility for taking care of the planet. Rather than leaving this burden to them, let's join these fighters. It’s together that we can guarantee a greener future for our neighbors. 

Dear women, thank you. Your sensitivity, your commitment and your small daily gestures inspire us and still allow us to believe in it. 

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