It is present in a young woman two time in a month

Il se présente chez une jeune femme deux fois en un mois

The Service de police de Sherbrooke (SPS) has been able to make the portrait-robot of a man having set his sights on a young woman living on the rue Denault.

On 5 November last year, the complainant was surprised this individual just insert it into the housing.

She had already faced, a month ago, then he tried to enter her home while she was there, adds the SPS in its opinion research.

The individual white is aged about 45 years. Rather slender, the male is approximately 1.83 meters. His hair is short and brown.

In addition to wear glasses, it has as a distinctive sign of the brownish spots raised on the cheeks.

Citizens may recognize the suspect can contact the SPS at 819 821-5544.

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