It is urgent to protect water in Canada, claims AquaAction


The sublime Jacques-Cartier National Park

Canadians have 20% of the world's fresh water and yet they don't take enough care of it, says the Canadian organization AquaAction.

On the occasion of World Water Day this March 22, it reaffirms the urgency of creating a Canadian Water Agency which will take care of our blue gold on a full-time basis. Especially as Indigenous communities across Canada still lack access to clean drinking water and global warming accelerates.

According to AquaAction, this agency could:

    < li>Promote the production and sharing of knowledge as well as citizen participation
  • Enable a more integrated collaboration of the different actors, governmental or not,
  • Unify the management and actions of the different levels of water governance in the country
  • Modernize the framework of federal-municipal relations in Canada by taking into account climate change
  • Act taking into account the specificities that water sectors can generate agriculture or health, whether in relation to water needs, water impacts, water access or environmental justice issues

Other countries such as France and New Zealand have already set up such agencies.

“Access to Drinking water is a human right and is essential to the health of our communities, our ecosystems and our economies. We urgently need to mitigate the impact of climate change and adapt to it,” said François de Gaspé Beaubien, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AquaAction, in a press release.

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