It's confirmed, the string in the air is back in fashion!

It’s Confirmed, the air thong is back in fashion!

Model Izabel Goulart and actress Julia Fox (Kanye West's new girlfriend) proudly wear the thong in the air.

You will have to (re) reveal your thong to be at the forefront of trends. Several world-famous models like Bella Hadid and Izabel Goulart seem to be taking the matter very seriously, strutting around on social media with strings in the air. In jeans or jogging, it is a question of revealing the side strings of said underwear and stretching them up to the waist. The height of chic and elegance, in short.

It is often enough for a personality to appear in an outfit for the fashion world to panic and for fashionistas to monopolize what ends up becoming THE trend of the moment. And that sometimes concerns totally wacky looks or pieces. In 2018, Kim Kardashian notably brought cycling shorts up to date. Not only were women the world over diving head first into what was considered a fashion faux pas at the time, but the biggest designers followed suit, offering all-purpose cycling shorts in their collections.

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The thong comes-back in force

Today it’s the thong that seems to be at the heart of everyone's attention. Those who thought they would be rid of it will have to make up their minds. Disappeared from the radar in recent years in favor of the shorty, the thong is making a comeback… At least among celebrities. And since they generally have a good head start in terms of trends, it's a safe bet that the thong will become your favorite underwear in a few weeks.

If you think, however, that all it takes is one shopping spree to get back up to date, you are completely mistaken. In 2020, the thong is no longer worn as it was five years ago. In short, each generation has its own wearing of the thong. And this time, you will have to be daring, even a bit extravagant, to adopt and assume the trend because it is a question of revealing the mini piece of fabric as much as possible.

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On social media, Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Izabel Goulart, and Doja Cat, among others, all posed in pants with both side strings pulled to the max… down to the waist. A way of wearing the thong that does not date from yesterday since these same models, influencers, and other rappers displayed themselves in swimsuits, at the beach or at the swimming pool, playing the card of perfection to perfection. high-cut bikini. However, it is now a question of showing off said underwear in town… Another pair of sleeves.

It remains to be seen whether the trend will be followed by the greatest number. Hard to believe as the health crisis has led to a return to the classics in the world of fashion. Wearing a mask in public places, mandatory in several countries around the world, could however encourage women to want to draw attention to another piece of fabric… To be continued.

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