It's the end for the show “The world upside down”

C&rsquo is the end for the show “The Upside Down” /></p>
<p> Stéphan Bureau at the launch of TVA programming. </p>
<p>Less than a year after the start of its broadcast, it’s already the end for “The world upside down”, announced its host, Stéphan Bureau, on his LinkedIn account on Monday. The talk show, which was set to return to TVA for a second season next month, has reportedly been canceled by the broadcaster.</p>
<p>“The end of the world upside down. My weekend got off to a rough start. On Friday, at the very end of the afternoon, the boss and owner of TVA informed my producer, Richard Speer at Attraction, that he was stopping work on <em>The Upside Down</em>,” explained Stephan Bureau. </p>
<p>His colleagues were already busy preparing for a second season after a spring marked by uncertainty when TVA had demanded a change of producer. </p>
<p>“The team discovers today that it is condemned to stay in the starting blocks”, laments Stéphan Bureau who specifies that he has never experienced this in forty years of professional life. “It’s especially very worrying for an industry that we know is fragile,” he adds. cancellation of <em>‘Turned Down</em>, stating that “economic imperatives” are forcing the industry “to make difficult decisions”.</p>
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Il n'y a jamais de façon facile de déprogrammer une émission. Les impératifs économiques qui confrontent notre industrie nous obligent à prendre des décisions difficiles, dont celle-ci. Je tiens à m’excuser auprès de nos collaborateurs/trices qui doivent subir ces impératifs.

— Pierre Karl Péladeau (@PKP_Qc) August 7, 2023

Aired on Friday nights, Le monde à’ turned upside down returned to topics that had marked the news of the week with four collaborators, as well as a different public figure on each show, who debated among themselves. Through the debates, the moderator also conducted individual interviews with the invited personalities.

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