Jackals 3/Capitals 2: history repeats itself

Jackals 3/Capitales 2: l’histoire se répète

Even if he was credited with the loss, the starting of the Capitals Arik Sikula had a great start, performing 118 throws in seven innings.

August 12, 2019 23h29


Jackals 3/Capitals 2: history repeats itself

Jackals 3/Capitales 2: l’histoire se répète

Ian Bussières

The Sun


Opposed to a young pitcher who was making his professional debut, the Capitals of Quebec have not been able to take advantage of the situation and are inclined by a score of 3 to 2 Monday night at the Stadium Canac in the face of the Jackals in New Jersey.

The young left-hander of the Jackals, Anthony Auletta, was beautiful to whiten the Caps for four innings, he had provided a few scoring opportunities that the protected Patrick Scalabrini were not able to enter.

“We had to deal with a launcher and inexperienced. He had a good arm, but he was a little erratic, and it gave us openings. We have not been able to make him pay. Unfortunately, it is repeated in the fifth, when we had three guys on the purposes of and only one withdrawal and that we have not managed to do better than a point,” said Scalabrini after the part about the ball-sacrifice of TJ White, who has allowed his followers to register to the score.

Sikula solid

Even if he was credited with the loss, the starting of the Capitals Arik Sikula had a great start, performing 118 throws in seven innings. Having had to get out of difficult situations a few times, the Californian has allowed only two points, the first on a circuit of Conrad Gregor in the first round and the second on a sacrifice by Alfredo Marte, who has allowed Demetrius Moorer to cross the marble in the third inning.

“Sikula got in trouble a few times, but each time he has managed to come up with big throws in the face of batting dangerous. He fought well, it is a bulldog. Even after 118 pitches, he wanted to come back. He had been entitled to a longer rest and I think it has seemed,” resumed the manager.

The Jackals have managed to score another point in the face of the reliever Seth Davis when Richard Stock has pushed Conrad Gregor at the plate with a single in the eighth inning. A circuit in the solo of Jhalan Jackson allowed the Caps to reduce the gap again to a single point from their return to the stick, but the comeback stopped there.


“It is very frustrating that it ends up like this, because it’s a game we should have won. You will not sleep well again”, continued the Scalabrini while his team is away for seven games and a half of presence in the series with only 19 games to play this year.

“We try to keep it positive and have fun, live in the present moment. We felt this evening that several guys were putting the pressure on the shoulders,” says the manager.

Scalabrini also refused to throw the stone to its players for decisions on the paths that have caused a number of withdrawals early in the game. “The races are aggressive, the guys have tried to generate things. I can’t blame them for being too aggressive, because, often, I find that it is too passive,” he concludes.


The right fielder cuban Stayler Hernandez was not alignment based and has been removed to its unique presence as a batter substitute in the ninth inning. Scalabrini had decided to give leave to his veteran since the team had to enter another bus trip after the series against Rockland…

The starters for the next three games against the Jackals will be Scott Richmond on Tuesday, Karl Gélinas Wednesday, and Austin Chrismon Thursday…

The match Monday was the first this year where Patrick Scalabrini could count on a thorough training and several players visited the injured list since the start of the year. The Caps have already used 53 players for the start of the season…



On Monday, supporters of the Capitals renouaient with Zach Wilson for the first time since last season. The first baseman comes in to finish the season in Quebec city after having lived the adventure of baseball in a country known more for its hockey players and soccer : the Czech Republic.

“Let’s say that it is a type of baseball different. It is a good caliber, but I would say that this is not as strong as the league, Can-Am. There are a few good players, however,” said Wilson before the game about the Extraliga, the Czech league where he was with the team of the Dragons of Brno.

Recognized as a good hitter, Wilson has literally burned up the league in striking in an average of ,394 with 18 doubles, 13 long balls and 57 rbis in a circuit where the big hitters are Matej Hejma, a native of Prague who has already evolved in the organization of the Minnesota Twins there is about a dozen years, and the fielder american Terrell Joyce, who was in the organization of the Houston Astros until 2014.

“There are eight teams in this league and there are two that are demoted into a lower gauge and two of the lower leagues, which go up every year,” he continued.

“There are only a few players who come from America, but there are a lot of Australians who play there. This is a aussie friend who is a pitching coach down there who asked me if I had the taste to try the baseball Czech,” says the former player to the organization of the New York Yankees.

Popularity on the rise

Even if the bleachers are not filled in all the matches, Wilson was able to see that the popularity of the sport was rising in the country of Jaromir Jagr and Dominik Hasek. “It’s growing. There’s a player of the Czech republic in the organization of the Baltimore Orioles, Martin Cervenka, and its presence stimulates a lot of interest for baseball in the country,” he said about the recipient of 27 years who has reached the AAA level this year.

It must be said that the Czech Republic has not had the chance to provide many players to the major leagues in the past. In fact, just four players born on the present territory of this country have tasted the major leagues, the last in contention is Carl Linhart, a native of the town of Zborov, which has played in three games with the Tigers in Detroit in 1952.

“The major leagues are a lot of camps in the Czech Republic, it is a market they are trying to expand,” clarifies Wilson, who was all smiles after joining the Capitals at the end of the week.

“I was remained in contact with Pat [the manager of the Capitals, Patrick Scalabrini] during the summer. My idea has always been to come finish the season in Quebec. I loved my experience in the Czech Republic, but I’m not sure that I would go back.”

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