Jean Charest's return to politics makes waves in Quebec

Jean Charest's return to politics is making waves in Quebec

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The potential return of Jean Charest to the political scene, this time as a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, is creating a stir among his former colleagues in the National Assembly. Asked to comment, the opposition parties recalled the corruption allegations against him. And the Liberals didn’t like it.

On Tuesday, the CAQ, Québec solidaire and the Parti Québécois attacked the reign of Jean Charest as Premier of Québec within the Liberal Party. The Minister of Cybersecurity accused him in particular of “not having been a model on an ethical level”. The leader of the PQ, for his part, indicated “that he wanted Quebec not to accept corruption and that impunity does not become the norm in Quebec in terms of corruption.”

MP Lise Thériault came to her defense, while Dominique Anglade denounced those who “wipe their feet” on her party.

Ex-minister in the Charest government, Lise Thériault admitted to discussing these harsh comments with her former leader. In the eyes of Mr. Charest, they “are totally unacceptable”. “I was enraged when I read the remarks,” admits Ms. Thériault.


The MNA for Anjou–Louis-Riel began firing red bullets at Mr. Charest's criticisms one by one. According to her, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon cannot afford to lecture when his parliamentary leader Joel Arseneau has been declared “unfit to assume public office” by the municipal affairs commission.

The Minister of Justice, there, he puts both hands, he, in the administration of justice. And he was recently found guilty of an illegal act in court. That makes me think he is in a very bad position to be able to talk about the Quebec Liberal Party.

Lise Thériault, MNA for Anjou-Louis Riel

Among the Caquistes, the Minister of the Economy Pierre Fitzgibbon was also the target of Ms. Thériault, since he was targeted by the Ethics Commissioner. Solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was not spared. “I find it awful that he is using Amir Khadir. Amir Khadir's daughter ransacked Line Beauchamp's office. That's what happened in history, she recalls. He never wanted to denounce violence. Who does he think he is?”

In a more relaxed tone, the leader Dominique Anglade wanted to accuse those who denounce her party of corruption. “I will never accept this kind of behavior from people who aspire to govern Quebec,” she comments. Prime ministers in history, we have had several, and I think we are all able to recognize the contribution of each, regardless of their political formation, regardless of their political color.”

Charest “better” than Legault

Asked to comment on the possible return of Jean Charest, the leader of the Conservatives Éric Duhaime admits “never to have been a fan” of the former Liberal leader. But according to him, the record of the Liberals under his reign is “better” than that of the caquistes under Legault.

“When I see the state of public finances today, when I see the state of the health system, when I see the state of the debt, and the various measures adopted over the past two years , I can understand that people can be bored of Jean Charest”, he relativizes.

Éric Duhaime will not publicly endorse any candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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