Jean-François Lisée banned from Facebook

Jean-François Lisé I'm banned from Facebook

The Facebook account of former Parti Québécois leader turned political columnist Jean-François Lisée, who sparked controversy with his remarks about immigrants on Roxham Road last week , has been “permanently deactivated” by the social network for non-compliance with “Facebook community standards”.

While the precise reason why this measure was applied is not known, Mr. Lisée claims on Twitter that he received a warning from Facebook on January 23, following his publication of a ” article on China and Taiwan”, i.e. before his writings on Roxham Road, in which he proposed in particular to drive non-French-speaking immigrants back to the English-speaking provinces as soon as they arrive in Quebec. Facebook's disclaimer generally pointed out that the columnist had posted content that did not meet “Facebook Community Standards.”

Although he “followed the procedures” According to him, Mr. Lisée today received a final notice that his Facebook account has been permanently deactivated. “So I understand that, the very week that Facebook welcomes Donald Trump, it will forever be impossible to know why my account is 'totally impossible to reactivate,'” he wrote on Twitter.

The activities of the former leader of the Parti Québécois on the social network Facebook will be resumed via his account Labox à Lisée where he invites his “45,000 Facebook subscribers” to join him.

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