Jean-Philippe Roy gives up his position as deputy with the Capitals

After two seasons combining work, family life and baseball on a daily basis, Jean-Philippe Roy decided to give up his position as assistant coach he held with the Capitales de Québec. He notified manager Patrick Scalabrini last week before he left Florida for the sport-studies program he runs.

“As soon as I joined the Capitals, I knew I was going for a few seasons and it was going to get there,” he explained to the Sun on Wednesday when he joined Cocoa Beach.

Father of three children aged 13, 11 and 7, Roy spent the last two summers juggling family life, the Capitals and his various occupations. In addition to the Quebec Canonnier’s sport-studies program, which includes the AAA Midget, he is also involved in the Victoria Baseball Complex, which manages the Canac Stadium in both summer and winter, and is also a scout in Quebec for the Milwaukee Brewers.

“I do not like to say that there are personal reasons in my decision, because we have embarked on it in full knowledge of the facts. But at the time, it was really demanding to balance everything I did. The Capital Assistant Coach position was not my full-time job, it was time for me to focus on my core business. Although I love coaching , it made sense for me to leave my position as an assistant “, added the one who greatly appreciated his experience.

“Michel [Laplante] and Patrick gave me the privilege of touching professional baseball again after tasting it in 2007 [he was Laplante’s assistant] and I was lucky to complete the loop with a championship. It was a unique chance to win at home in front of a crowded stadium in 2017. I had an incredible experience, I learned a lot with Patrick [Scalabrini] and Karl [Gélinas], we were a gang of chums who coached together, “admitted the 41-year-old baseball man.

Friends at the base

The Capital Manager has enjoyed working with Roy for the past two seasons, but knew Roy’s schedule was busy.

“Basically, we are friends, we had a lot of fun. We complemented each other perfectly, both in baseball and with our personalities. He was structured, I am not; he saw things that I did not see; he was stressed and became a talking mill while I was more reserved, but at the same time he gave me the info I needed. I will miss it, “stressed Scalabrini, who will hire another assistant in the coming weeks. He could look to the United States to find a young coach ready to work with the batters.

Scalabrini is currently monitoring the affiliated baseball camps to complete his lineup, including at the front end. He is still waiting for a reply from TJ White and should soon be able to confirm the identity of the other Cuban player who will accompany the Yordan Manduley shortstop in Quebec City. The Capital season opens Friday, May 17 in Trois-Rivières and their first match at the Stade Canac is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, against New Jersey

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