Jean-Philippe Wauthier returns to “Two Golden Men”

Jean -Philippe Wauthier returns to

Jean-Philippe Wauthier and Patrick Lagacé in the official photo of the fourth season of “Two Golden Men”, in 2016.

Two weeks after announcing the departure of Pierre-Yves Lord from Two Golden Men, Télé-Québec unveils its replacement today. This is none other than Jean-Philippe Wauthier, the very man who co-hosted the show alongside Patrick Lagacé during the first four seasons.

Called Two Golden Men and Rosalie since 2021, when Rosalie Bonenfant joined the team, the show was hosted by Patrick Lagacé and Pierre-Yves Lord since 2017. Might as well say, therefore, that Jean-Philippe replaces his replacement!

The show’s team shared the news in a fun video clip posted on the show’s Facebook page.

“I'm very excited about Jean-Philippe's arrival,” exclaims Rosalie Bonenfant. Clearly, if he has deserted the show in the past and chooses to come back now that we have improved the formula by adding a host, it is because he has flair and shows a lot of discernment!”

 “This is the biggest comeback since the comeback of Elvis and Guy Lafleur's return to the game with the New York Rangers. York!” says Pierre-Yves Lord.

Jean-Philippe Wauthier goes in the same vein:  “What's fantastic about this relationship is that I gave birth to a child, I left the take care of PY raising him and I'll pick him up when we get the laurels.”

There are three episodes left in this season of Two Golden Men, which continues with Pierre-Yves Lord. Jean-Philippe Wauthier will return to animation with Rosalie Bonenfant and Patrick Huard in the fall.

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