Jérémy Demay irritated you at “Big Brother”? We explain why

Jérémy Demay irritated you at “Big Brother”? We explain why

In addition to having monopolized a large part of the airtime of the show Big Brother Celebrities during the first week of competition, comedian Jérémy Demay inspired a number of statuses on social networks from Internet users irritated by his behavior. He was finally kicked out of the game by his roommates on Sunday night. But why did we find Jérémy Demay so cheeky? A sociologist explains it to us. 

As soon as he moved into the house of Big Brother with his 14 other roommates, Jérémy Demay very (too) quickly and clumsily proposed to several candidates to form an alliance with him. 

“Playing hard, big and fast rarely pays off. Jérémy Demay should know that, he's kidding everyone, ”tweeted La Presse TV columnist Hugo Dumas while watching the first episode. 

Imposing his vision, never winning 

When 15 people of different ages, origins and backgrounds move in at once together like in Big Brother Celebrities, a micro-society is forming. Norms and values ​​develop according to the individuals who form it.  

However, “when a person tries to impose his vision, his cultural principles, his norms, his values ​​too much, while the roommates go more slowly by taking others into account, this can be considered, in big quotes, as an attack on social dynamics,” explains sociologist Annie Cloutier. 

For the harmony of a nascent group, “the idea is to set up a culture that everyone will have participated in creating”. Jérémy Demay played too quickly when the guidelines had not yet been established. He himself realized this when he was put in danger: he slowed down his pace, but it was too late.  

We didn't hurt you requested 

It was not just Jérémy's intensity and insistence that displeased the public, but also the feeling of superiority he displayed compared to the others. When a house boss was first elected, a risky role no one really wanted to take on, he campaigned insistently to get the reserved Jemmy Echaquan Dubé elected, convincing her that it would be good for her, that it would help her take her place. >

In addition to being a comedian, Jérémy Demay is a speaker in the field of personal growth and author of three bestsellers on how to “live your life well”. If his books have sold thousands of copies, they have also aroused much ridicule because of the psychopop dimension found in them, which can be described as simple, even ridiculous.

Jérémy Demay applied his lecture talks to some of his speaking engagements at the Big Brother house. However, when they are not solicited, life advice is not always welcome, believes Annie Cloutier. They rather become irritants. 

“In Quebec, if you present yourself as someone who thinks you are superior, it is not very appreciated in general,” says the sociologist, who specifies that Quebecers tend to be more egalitarian in their social relations. “If you feel superior to others, don't make it feel too much,” she warns. years her junior what she should do to feel good, “consciously or not, can flatter certain sensibilities in the wrong way”, underlines the sociologist, without lending any bad intentions to the humorist. < /p>

“20 years ago, probably no paternalism would have been perceived in this situation, but today, we are much more sensitive to these attitudes and it plays on our perception. » 

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