Jerry Mr. Jay: committing to music

Jerry Mr. Jay: engage in music

Jerry Mr. Jay will release a series of songs written in Creole by the end of the summer as part of his first solo album.

Arrived from Haiti in 2011, Jerry Mr. Jay is an emerging artist on the Creole scene in Montreal. During a meeting with Métro, the musician returns to the importance of conveying a committed message through music to “get things done”.

If he claims to have started music professionally for only five years, Jerry Mr. Jay remembers having been rocked since his childhood in the musical environment.

“I sang in a choir at church in Haiti. It allowed me to learn and use different types of voices, he shares. It's a skill that I still use today, especially in my solo projects.”

When comes the question of defining his style of music, Jerry explains that he is quite versatile in this area. An approach that allows him to explore and always innovate in his art.

“My friends call me – in a good way! – a 'crazy artist', because I touch to all styles. I do as much rap as RnB, zouk, reggae or African music.”

Jerry Mr. Jay: Engage in Music

(Photo credit: Courtesy, Elizabeth Drapeau)

Conveying a message

Through his musical works, Jerry Mr. Jay wishes to convey a conscious message to his listeners.

The instability of the political and social situation in his native country, peace, social ties and love are among the recurring themes that resonate in his music.

“In my title titled Lajan, I approach the theme of money and this aspect of our lives which can divide us and push us to become miserly sometimes”, says the artist.

For me, music, apart from dancing and having fun, should serve us to become a better person. It's a tool, just like a book, for example.

Jerry Mr. Jay

For Jerry, the presence of a social message in music is too often forgotten today. today in the 4th art.

“I think the music today is almost all uniform. It's important to remember, as I often say, that we are 'art-ists' who do this mainly to convey a message.”

Jerry Mr. Jay: Engage in Music

(Photo credit: Courtesy, Elizabeth Drapeau Photography)

Inspiring the Next Generation

Even though Jerry is only at the start of his professional career, he already says he wants to devote himself to instilling positive values ​​in young people.

“We have this responsibility to convey a constructive message. If we only convey sex, drugs and money, the new generation will think that music is just that, that you have to sing only that to succeed. For me, it has nothing to do.”

Of course I want to make people dance, but it's important for me to convey a committed message in my music. Given the world we live in today, we can't dance all the time. As in everything, it's a balance to be found.

Jerry Mr. Jay

Looking towards the future

After appearing in numerous collaborations with other artists, Jerry Mr. Jay will release his first solo album by the end of the summer.

When it comes to the question of where he sees himself in a decade, the artist of Haitian origin replies that he wants to set up his own professional studio in order to welcome artists from all walks of life.

“What will also always be important for me is to bring my Creole wherever I go, because it is my identity. My friends often ask me why I don't sing in English or French. I tell them that language cannot be a barrier in music. I speak a beautiful language and I want to bring a beautiful message, and go around the world with it.”, he concludes.

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