Joe Biden loves every Canadian hockey team except Toronto

Joe Biden likes all Canadian hockey teams except Toronto

Joe Biden took advantage of his time in Ottawa to say that he likes all Canadian hockey teams except Toronto

US President Joe Biden has admitted to having a great love for all Canadian hockey teams except the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is what he said during his speech in the House of Commons in Ottawa on the occasion of his diplomatic visit to Canada, a remark that provoked reactions of joy and boos from the elected officials present.

“I have to say that I love all of your teams except Leafs. I'll tell you why: They beat the Philadelphia Flyers last January, and since I married a woman from Philadelphia, if I didn't say that, it would mean I'd rather sleep with you, and I'm not telling you. don't like it enough for that,” he joked.

He also took advantage of his speech to underline the ties of solidarity that unite the two countries, insisting on the appreciation of the States united with Canadians beyond sporting rivalries. He insisted on a future of cooperation, mutual aid and mutual economic development for the next few years, particularly in the field of green energies.

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