John Mellencamp donates $ 50,000 to his hometown for the construction of a place paying him tribute

John Mellencamp remet 50 000 $ à sa ville natale pour la construction d'un endroit lui rendant hommage

The author-composer-interpreter american John Mellencamp

4 January 2020 21h21


John Mellencamp donates $ 50,000 to his hometown for the construction of a place paying him tribute

Associated Press


SEYMOUR, Ind. — Author-composer-interpreter american John Mellencamp has awarded $ 50,000 to the city of Seymour, in southern Indiana, for the construction of a grand-place located near a mural paying tribute to his hit song “Small Town”.

The mayor of Seymour, Craig Luedeman, last week announced the new at the end of a meeting of the municipal council. He then read a letter written by the singer who was born and grew up in this town located at 96 km south of Indianapolis.

In this letter, Mellencamp states that the money paid should be used to build a grand place to the place of the parking lot adjacent to the mural painted on the wall of a local business reported the Seymour Tribune.

The mural is a tribute to the work of Mellencamp was performed last fall by a artist from Indianapolis, Pamela Bliss. We see two drawings representing the singer: a high of 10.6 metres, the showing is based on a guitar, and a smaller one where he is seen dressed in a coat of the association “Future Farmers of America”. A sample of the song “Small Towns” (“I was born in a small town”) has been added, as well as a note mentioning his induction into the Pantheon of Rock and Roll.

According to Mr Ledeman, whose term ended Tuesday, the grand-place will create an environment that is more accessible and more user-friendly for those who want to photograph the mural. The singer has even autographed the work of his initials during a visit.

Mellencamp mentioned that his family was in contact with an engineering firm to draw up plans for a “very nice meeting place in the city centre of Seymour”.

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