Joining forces to promote sustainable living environments throughout Quebec

Working together to promote sustainable living environments throughout Quebec

The Federation of Quebec Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ) and Fondaction are launching a tour to reflect on sustainability issues in Quebec cities and communities. The objective of the tour “For sustainable living environments in Quebec” will be to promote exchanges between actors in the field, businesses and citizens as well as to redefine and promote strategies that promote sustainable prosperity. Pandemic obliges, five virtual events are planned from March 9 to April 6.

“The pandemic and the climate emergency have revealed the need to improve the quality of life of Quebecers while reducing the negative effects of urbanization on the planet. It was essential for us to start thinking about a living environment that favors respect, for others and for the climate,” explains Charles Milliard, CEO of the FCCQ. Mr. Millard says he is proud to have partnered with Fondaction, which he says is a “precursor in sustainable finance, to lead this reflection”.

On the sidelines of the tour, the FCCQ and Fondaction wish to conduct a consultation on the development of sustainable living environments. To do this, the two partners are launching a survey, open to everyone and available throughout the tour. It was designed in partnership with the Vivre en ville organization. The results will be revealed region by region during virtual meetings.

A virtual tour that will mobilize all Quebec

The tour “For sustainable living environments in Quebec” will mobilize economic leaders and representatives of local governments who will be able to discuss the theme of sustainable cities and communities. It’s about highlighting innovative solutions and best practices for sustainable cities and communities in different localities in Quebec.

At Fondaction, our The investment thesis is that the economy must and will change to meet people's needs within planetary boundaries. By going into the field to address the issue of sustainable living environments, this tour will allow us to deepen our understanding of the issues and promote the emergence of innovative solutions.

Geneviève Morin, President and CEO of Fondaction

In order to bring together and mobilize all of the partners concerned by these issues, in particular businesses and neighboring municipalities, the FCCQ and Fondaction are counting on the support of the network of chambers of commerce present throughout the territory of Quebec, and the collaboration of Vivre en ville.

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