Jonathan Drouin disappointed not to be able to help the Canadian

Jonathan Drouin déçu de ne pas pouvoir aider le Canadien

Fell awkwardly on his left wrist two weeks ago, Jonathan Drouin heals from an injury that obliges him to wear a cast, and this, even if it has not suffered a fracture. His recovery period is estimated at eight weeks, the attacker is targeting a return to the game in mid-January.

November 29, 2019 21h23


Jonathan Drouin disappointed not to be able to help the Canadian

Alexis Belanger-Champagne

The Canadian Press


BROSSARD — there is no good time to get injured, but the injury to the left wrist injury suffered by Jonathan Drouin on November 15, is likely to have taken place at the worst time.

Drouin has spent the summer biting her brake after a the end of the catastrophic campaign last spring. His performance during the camp, in September, had done nothing to reassure the supporters of the Canadian. But once the season started, Drouin was one of the best strikers of the club, amassing 15 points in the first 19 matches.

The Quebecers over the age of 24 years indicated that he was injured during his first presence on the ice in the third period, the eventual victory of 5-2 for the Habs in the face of the Washington Capitals, two weeks ago. It is then fell awkwardly on his left wrist. As the Tricolour was repeated several times in recent weeks, Drouin recalled that her injury had nothing to do with the hard-hitting defeat of Alex Ovechkin that he had cashed in the second period.

“There is nothing broken. These are small things, but it’s going to take time, he said Friday. It is an injury that happens often in hockey, a tendon that is torn or lands a few of his position. I’m not worried, it will return to normal with time. You just have to be patient.”

Drouin always wore a plaster on the right forearm Friday, but he indicated that he would soon remove it and just wear a brace. The recovery period was estimated to be eight weeks, which means that Drouin is targeting a return to the game in mid-January.

It will of course pick up where it left off.

“It is disappointing, but it’s part of hockey. I’m not the first to hurt me and I won’t be the last, he philosophized. For me, it is to have a good state of mind, a good attitude and continue to not lose myself mentally in all of this.

“Each match, I felt more confident, I bâtissais on something I brought up to another level also, he added, referring to the beginning of his campaign. It is sure that it is disappointing to be injured like that at this point of the season, when the team was going well and at a time when I was also in the confidence. I hope it will come back.”

It is true that the Canadian knew the good times before Drouin and Paul Byron were to fall in battle during a duel in the face of the Capitals. Coincidence or not, the team has not won in six outings in their absence.

This situation makes the time away from the rink even more difficult for Drouin.

“Each athlete going to say it : when you can’t make a difference, and you can only wait and watch what happens, it’s hard. At this point, I’m frustrated to see what is happening on the ice and the results that we get. It is disappointing and it is a pity, but I try to be positive around the rink. We are going to get us out of it all together,” he insisted.

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