Julie Snyder opens up about her mother's death

Julie Snyder opens up about the death of his mother

Julie Snyder hosted this week on the set of La Semaine des 4 Julie a cancer survivor. An interview that reminded him of his mother's death.

During the segment on the show that raised women's awareness of endometrial cancer, the host returned to the too-quick death of one of the most important people in her life.

“My mother, if she had had this… Obviously, I have been involved since 2018, since my mother died. I can't believe my mother died so quickly. Then, she fought, she did all the treatments, everything that was unimaginable. It was too late and it is a silent cancer. You should know that it is the fourth cause of death among North American women,” said Julie Snyder, discussing a new way to detect this female cancer which should be accepted by Health Canada within three years.

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“Imagine when we will settle this, women will live better”, added Julie, visibly emotional.

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