Julien Lacroix affair: an interviewee angry at La Presse and 98.5

Julien Lacroix affair: an angry interviewee against La Presse and 98.5

Comedian Audrey-Anne Dugas

“A lot of anger, disappointment and deep disgust. This is what humorist Audrey-Anne Dugas, who participated in the joint investigation between La Presse and 98.5 concerning Julien Lacroix, feels.

In a public sharing on Facebook, the artist opened up about her perception of things. “I am angry with these journalists who I trusted. Those who assured me on many occasions that this article was not an investigation into the journalistic practices of Le Devoir or a way to whitewash Julien, ”she denounces.

“Those who, after a refusal on my part to participate because of my post-traumatic shock in the face of my attacks and denunciations, insisted on meeting me on the pretext that they had information about me. I felt up against the wall, but reassured by the fact that it would be a “post-mortem of denunciations” article and to talk about possible solutions”, she continues.

I believed in a feature article, I finally find myself in front of a sensationalist column worthy of a bad series for teenagers on VRAK.TV.

Audrey-Anne Dugas, comedian

L’ investigation of 98.5 and La Presse is in his eyes only a “chronicle”. But in the end, the article includes “no experts, a lot of innuendo and above all a careful use of my speech. Both in the article and in the podcast, my quotes are taken out of context and are far from corresponding to reality”.

“Pitty intellectual shortcuts”

It’s Julien Lacroix’s ex-girlfriend, Geneviève Morin, who would have referred her to the journalists behind the article. Audrey-Anne Dugas felt “that it would be relevant to talk about her experience” in the face of denunciations. “I realize today that it was more about having my testimony in order to blame me for this story,” she realizes.

“During my interview, I talked at length about the possible solutions that I saw to allow victims to denounce in a safe and non-dehumanizing environment for the people denounced. I talked about my experience with restorative justice, I talked about the kinds of services that could be put in place for the public.”

None of this is present in the article, only amalgams and pitiful intellectual shortcuts to feed a useless saga.

Audrey-Anne Dugas, comedian

More details coming soon.

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