Julien Lacroix attracts sympathy with a new controversial “post”

Julien Lacroix attracts sympathy with a new “post”controversial

Julien Lacroix

Julien Lacroix, denounced by nine women in the summer of 2020 for sexual assault and misconduct, puts himself in the public eye for the first time in several months.

< p>It’s on his Instagram account that the “canceled” comedian emerged from the silence in which he had been immersed since his filmed interview with Le Devoir, last December. This time, it was not to respond to the allegations against him that he spoke, but rather to mark his son’s first birthday.

“We knew you would come, he writes on the social network where his profile is now private. You stayed in our plans despite the hurricane. Thank you for being healthy and so smiling. Thank you for reminding me what life is through your childish eyes. Sometimes we complicate things and make things bigger. Thank you for reminding me that dark thoughts are no longer an option.”

Julien Lacroix continues to his 124,000 subscribers: “Thank you for reminding me that wisdom is to wait in silence instead of moving forward screaming. Thank you for creating a lifelong bond with the best mom on earth. It's worth more than all the promises in the world. Thank you both for the love. We too often forget that loving badly is as dangerous as indifference.”

While his publication garnered several messages of support, particularly from local celebrities, it also exasperated some Internet users, as can be seen in the comments of a publication of a meme page.

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In the last few days, we have seen other public figures carried away by a wave of denunciations showing up on social networks. This was the case of Éric Salvail, who appears in a company publication, and Maripier Morin, who stars in the film Arlette, whose trailer was recently unveiled .

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