Julien Lacroix considers that Le Devoir was “bad faith”

Julien Lacroix considers that Le Devoir was «bad faith

Comedian Julien Lacroix on the set of Le Monde à l'envers.

The daily Le Devoir was “looking for clicks” and was “in bad faith” when it published an article relating to the sexual assaults of Julien Lacroix. At least that's what the main interested party said in his first television interview, on air at TVA on Friday evening.

Julien Lacroix denounces the “journalistic work” of Le Devoir. In his report in 2020, the daily would have made “amalgams between several cases”, denounces the fallen humorist, who sees “a danger in carrying out investigations like that”.

We were thirsty for blood, we wanted heads to roll. I participate in this show because I am here, but we have questions to ask about what we bequeath to these young boys [who have been denounced].

Julien Lacroix, comedian.< /blockquote>

The guest repeatedly mentioned not opposing the #MeToo movement, but feels that the impact of whistleblowing on abusers is underestimated.

“If you deny everything, you are a liar, if you take responsibility, you are a wife beater, a pedophile,” he laments. Those who are targeted by denunciations must, for example, “change schools”, he explains.

“I apologized, but there will be a branch of people who will never be satisfied,” he continues. I didn’t beat anyone, I’t raped anyone, I’s not a pedophile.”

Julien Lacroix says he is “pampered” that La Presse and 98.5 have decided to write a report on the denunciations that targeted him. In no way did he want to influence the content of this article, he assures us.

The artist does not hide it: he is trying to make a comeback on stage. He says he “has no choice but to do so”, as employers no longer want to hire him because of his reputation.

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