Julien Lacroix takes the floor, the reactions are virulent

Julien Lacroix speaks, the reactions are virulent

Julien Lacroix during his interview with Le Devoir

After being publicly denounced for assault and sexual misconduct in July 2020, Julien Lacroix spoke in a long interview at Devoir . While he announces that he wants to return to the front of the stage, reactions are pouring in.

Recall that a year and a half ago, nine women told the newspaper that they had been victims of non-consenting sex, unsolicited kisses and inappropriate comments from the comedian.

“I feel ready, I feel that my surroundings are ready, I feel that I have done the right things with the right people. I was challenged, I thought about it, ”Julien Lacroix said today, facing the camera, to Devoir journalist Améli Pineda. From the start of the interview, the tone is set. This very quickly evokes the birth of his little boy and the pathos will remain in place until the end. He will talk, among other things, about his alcohol and drug addictions.

“We must name things and find resources,” he adds, hoping to open the dialogue. Julien Lacroix also affirms that “a click is made in the heads of the guys at the moment” and that this “realization is really inspiring”.

But “wouldn't the basis be to recognize inappropriate behavior?” Even if Améli Pineda tries several times to push him to his limits, by addressing his responsibility and the notion of consent in particular, it seems difficult for Julien Lacroix not to bring things back to him. “In therapy, we talk a lot to the I,” he explains. “I & rsquo; have acted like a host of fool a thousand and one times”, he will eventually admit.

Badly received comments

In another article of Duty published alongside the video, one of Julien Lacroix's alleged victims, Kamélia Chartrand, does not mince words. “What I experienced ten years ago, I am still branded with a hot iron […]. & Nbsp; Why 45 & nbsp; minutes? It gives the impression that he is worth more than me, that he is someone who is not dangerous, that he has lost everything and I am just the nobody to whom it happened. ”

Another, Gabrielle Prince-Guérard, would have liked him to concretely name his acts. “The terminology, 'fuck up', 'screw up', I think that diminishes what we've been through. Me, in my head, “screwing up” is not studying before his math exam and getting a bad grade, and I think that shows how he hasn't taken responsibility for himself. ” It also alarms on the dissonance of the words of Julien Lacroix who, in fact, “'legitimizes' his actions”. She is referring to the passage where he says “one can have the same sexual relationship and have two different versions and both are right”.

Julien Lacroix is ​​preparing his return

If he has not yet given the details, Julien Lacroix is ​​well and truly preparing his artistic return. “In the most respectful way possible”, he specifies, and promises that there will be no large-scale promotional campaign.

“I am tired of being ashamed and walk me down with my head down. I am proud of the process I have done. I want to continue my approach, he continues. I haven't always behaved well, but I took hold of myself and I'm doing my best to become a more beautiful person ”.

As for the apologies to those who denounced him last year, Julien Lacroix maintains it. He wants to do “these steps in private”.

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