Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier signs a first book that puts words to evils

Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier signs a first book that puts words to ailments  

Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier, known on social media for her activism and popularization of topics related to victimology, has published her first book, Bleus et joies. In this collection of poetic thoughts, she addresses the hollows of life and what manages, despite everything, to alleviate the sores on a daily basis.  

It was during a period strewn with mourning that the Montrealer began to write down her thoughts and reflections to relieve herself, without imposing a fixed framework. From this vulnerability and this authenticity was born Bleus et joies, a book-collection that moves with its just words and its images that relieve.  

The author's desire to express her thoughts to accompany others in theirs was born during her teenage years, she says in her book. She talks about how, when she was in secondary three, her French teacher asked the class to write a poem. To do this, Juliette drew her inspiration from her stay in psychiatry after having tried to take her own life. From then on, his ability to convey emotions when words seem to be lacking became evident. And this first plunge into writing was followed by recurrences. 

“I realized then that when I opened up about what I had learned to hide, I also allowed myself to name another person: 'I see you,'” she wrote.  

The book makes it possible to feel that Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier understands us, sees us. Through the 115 pages of the collection, we approach, in the form of small thoughts, breakup, friendship, simple happiness, acceptance of one's body, mental health, feminicides and our relationship with the media. Despite the heaviness of certain subjects, the author's pen remains light and her words are devoured at high speed.  

Although this is her first book, Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier has the habit of writing. As a content creator, she has been sharing information and thoughts on her platforms about news, equality and mental health for several years now. Over the years, she has created a community of 55,300 readers on Instagram.

Blues and joys, it's a hymn to the pursuit of daily life even in stormy weather and to the pillars that hold us back to prevent us from being carried away by the great winds. 

Permanently leave a tablecloth on the balcony table for the summer. Rain or shine, I'm ready to receive me.

Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier

Bleus et joies, published by KO Éditions, will be available from April 19 in bookstores. 

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