Just for laughs: Rosalie Vaillancourt, a not too unworthy mom

Just for Laughs: Rosalie Vaillancourt, a not too unworthy mom

New mom Rosalie Vaillancourt at the helm of a Just for Laughs gala on Saturday, July 23, 2022, at Théâtre Maisonneuve

Last summer, Rosalie Vaillancourt took advantage of her White Card Evening at Just for Laughs to announce that she was pregnant. A year later, the popular comedian was once again at the helm of one of the galas (which have resumed their original name) at the same festival, her daughter was born in December 2021 and, of course, her status as a new mother. tinted the opening vignette which began a series of absolutely hilarious numbers on Saturday evening.

“This is my first show since I became a mother!” yelled the young woman as she entered the stage at the Théâtre Maisonneuve, before proudly declaring that she has “made a M.I.L.F” (you can google if you want to know the meaning…).

La petite Marguerite (“She is not there this evening, I left her in the tank“, said his mother) weighed 27 pounds at birth, a figure that aroused comments and skepticism, a little too much for the taste of the one who gave him life. “Literally no one asked about my 60 centimeter vagina! (…) Do people think that I have more storage than a Dodge Ram?”, she was outraged.

Maman Rosalie flew over her delivery which lasted three hours, the nursery rhymes with inappropriate texts that her own mother sings to the child, her absence of sexual relations for a certain time and her desire to breastfeed out of laziness, because she does not don't feel like cleaning empty bottles. She even dedicated her Just for Laughs 2022 gala to her offspring, blaming her for not yet having the money to support herself. Adorable (or almost!)

At the end of the track, like last year, Katherine Levac –  who also gave birth in the last year to twins – came to join her good friend to continue the conversation on the subject of motherhood. It was absurd, but we've seen the girls punchier when performing as a duo…until Gabrielle Destroismaisons burst in to perform her big hit Et Cetera, seemingly a lullaby favorite among the Vaillancourts and the Levacs.

Just for laughs: Rosalie Vaillancourt, a mother who is not too unworthy

Rosalie Vaillancourt was in great shape
Credit: Josie Desmarais/Metro

Funny math

Suzie Bouchard (who has a child name from a Quebec film in the 1980s, dixit Rosalie Vaillancourt) was the first guest to speak. Starting from her fear of growing old and dying alone (“I'm over 30, I'm single, I don't like going out very much and my last date stole utensils from me”), the one that begins to distinguish herself for her talents of stand up after having been a hit as an author then made fun of the words of the parents who were too crazy about their children. Zen, in a tongue-in-cheek tone, in full control of her means, Suzie Bouchard also tackled an old passion for religion, which turned into an addiction to MusiquePlus. She was perfect.

Jean-Michel Martel's quirky cartoon humor hit the mark. As a fake mathematics teacher, the boy with a stoic face proposed operations without tail or head, projected on the screen. For example, if a separated dad has the right to see his children every other weekend, but the mum's new partner owns a trampoline, “what are the chances that the children will love my game? of Skip-Bo?”, explained the “savant” pedagogue. The public reacted tremendously well to his one-night lesson.

Juste pour laugh: Rosalie Vaillancourt, a mother not too unworthy

Rosalie Vaillancourt when she arrives on stage at the start of the evening
Credit: Josie Desmarais/Métro

Jean-Sébastien or Marie-Soleil?

On the occasion of her very first Just for Laughs gala, the tasty Véronique-Isabel Fillion revealed that she divides her time between humor and the manufacture of artisanal soaps. But her art did not occupy a long part of her monologue: she quickly branched off to messages from Internet users, one of whom asked her if she was ticklish, another from a man who told her he was happy to not being her father, and yet another from a strange individual who told her that he had had a “semi” by looking at her. “I'll get this straight: I'm not doing this to get you hard. Especially not halfway! ”, ruled Véronique-Isabel, endearing at will with her naive air, able to draw judicious observations. Another important lesson from his tirade: if you feel like commenting on someone's appearance, don't.

“When I was little, my mother didn't like me very much,” announced Jean-Sébastien Girard, currently in the run-in for his first one man show. The great nostalgic brandished a photo of him at seven years old, in a turtleneck, sporting a permanent outfit, to prove his statements. “I seem to be called Carmen (…) and to be the best friend of the lady who makes announcements for the CAQ!” Girard surfed on the anecdotes of his childhood throughout his segment, to the delight of the assistance. The portrait of him as a lookalike of Marie-Soleil Tougas, with the lookof a “UQÀM activist”, was particularly surprising.

Colin Boudrias, whom Rosalie Vaillancourt was proud to present as a precious discovery, intelligently confronted some of our prejudices about age, laughing at the ready-made phrases and talking about his relationship with his grandfather, whom it compares to an old iPod. This Colin Boudrias may have been unknown to some on Saturday, but his name and charisma shouldn't be kept secret for long.

Just for laughs: Rosalie Vaillancourt, a not-too-unworthy mother

Rosalie Vaillancourt chained the gags of new mom, at her Just for Laughs gala, Saturday evening.
Credit: Josie Desmarais/Métro

Adib repeats himself

Adib Alkhalidey completed his marathon of eight galas Just for laughs in a row (two per evening since Wednesday, he was also on the guest list for meetings with Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, Roxane Bruneau and Phil Roy, and Richardson Zéphir and Eddy King) and we wonder if the artist – usually inspired – ran out of ideas and materials to fill so much ice time. Because he almost identically recovered his number on his move to the countryside offered earlier this week at the Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais gala. We can understand that the challenge of simmering fresh content for four consecutive evenings could be difficult, but we are disappointed for the spectators who may have attended both evenings and who could only hear Adib repeat, almost to the line.

The Just for Laughs festival continues until July 31.

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