Justin Trudeau lands on YouTube

Justin Trudeau landing on YouTube

Clap like a videographer and invitation to click on the “subscribe” button: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau becomes a YouTuber. Justin Trudeau launched his YouTube channel on Tuesday from his office in Ottawa. The Prime Minister will offer videos of his meetings with Canadians and world leaders.

In his introductory video, Justin Trudeau assures that this new channel will offer “an opportunity to see what we are up to doing in the House, why we're doing it, answering your questions directly and being involved in issues that are important to you”.

Eight other videos are online, in French and English, including a “questions and answers” type where the Canadian Prime Minister appears relaxed, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up. The content of Justin Trudeau's channel will be more personal than that broadcast on the ministry's YouTube channel, where only the Prime Minister's speeches are published.

Two weeks ago, François Legault launched his podcast Bonjour tout le monde, in which the Premier of Quebec talks with various guests.

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