Karine Gonthier-Hyndman: a story of dreams and maturity

Karine Gonthier-Hyndman: a story of dreams and maturity

Karine Gonthier-Hyndman in 2012 then in 2022

Karine Gonthier-Hyndman was completely unknown to the general public 10 years ago. She worked in a daycare service at an elementary school in addition to accumulating a few advertising, dubbing and underground theater contracts. 

“I earned my living, but it was not enough for me”, she says. 

Today, 10 years later, she is one of the most prominent actresses of the Belle Province, appearing in particular in the popular series Between two sheets and That's how I love you.  

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Laborious beginnings 

But achieving success did not happen overnight. The actress suffered a lot of setbacks as she tried to get her career off the ground.  

“Each refusal was like a confirmation that I was not cut out to be an actress. It's pretty scary when it's your dream and you can't reach it. At one point, I had lost hope.”  

The actress explains that when she left theater school, her casting was strange. She looked older than her age without having the maturity of what she projected on screen. 

The key to success: maturity 

Her career took off in 2015 : the actress, then aged 30, notably landed roles in Like-moi and New address that marked the public. 

“At that time, I was more mature, more anchored in myself. I think it would have hurt me if I had worked straight out of school, because I wouldn't have approached the work with enough maturity.” 

Today, when she does not get a role, she takes it with much more wisdom. She knows it doesn't take anything away from her. 

Still and still dreaming 

Karine Gonthier-Hyndman does not see her career as a sprint, but rather as a marathon. Although many tempting proposals are available to her, she chooses her projects carefully. She wants her career to last a long time.  

If the Karine of 10 years ago had great aspirations, today's sees even greater. 

“In 10 years, I wish myself to have done more cinema and to have carried a series entirely on my shoulders. I would like to have participated in the creative process at the origin of projects. I want to have worked abroad to rub shoulders with artists from elsewhere, to come into contact with new ideas. I want to do subversive things, touch grandiose works,” she concludes enthusiastically. 

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