Killing in Trois-Rivieres: Noemie Morin and Mauricio Peralta Severino released

The two individuals allegedly involved in the killings of Steve Lamy and Jean-Christophe Gilbert were released on Wednesday morning.

I n fact, the Crown did not object to the release of Noémie Morin, 24, Bécancour and Mauricio Peralta Severino, 29, of Laval. On the other hand, they must submit to severe conditions.

Moreover, their release from prison does not mean that they are free like air. Noémie Morin, for example, has to undergo therapy at Maison Carignan. Remember that the latter was formally accused of first-degree murder through the complicity of Steve Lamy, the 50-year-old entrepreneur found in a burnt car on Bradley Road in Trois-Rivières.

The young woman, who has no criminal record, is also accused of having sequestered and extorted the victim, always through complicity. She must also answer charges of robbery using a restricted weapon and complicity after the fact in the murder of Lamy.

As for Mauricio Peralta Severino, he was accused of complicity after the fact in the murder of Jean-Christophe Gilbert, who had been found in the same car as Steve Lamy, and in contempt of his corpse.

Recall that the victims were discovered on October 10, the same day as the murder of Ophélie Martin-Cyr who was shot in a Yamachiche field.

René Kègle and Francis Martel are accused of the premeditated murder of Ophélie Martin-Cyr. No one has yet been accused of the murder of Steve Lamy and Jean-Christophe Gilbert.

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