Kino's tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée

Tribute by Kino to; Jean-Marc Vallée

Quebec director and producer Jean-Marc Vallée.

After an enforced two-year hiatus, Kino Montreal's monthly screenings will be back in theaters this Friday, March 4 at Théâtre Plaza. This reunion will mark the 23rd anniversary of the Kino movement. The evening will be largely devoted to a tribute to the late filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée.

Kino Montreal is a non-profit organization that oversees and supports the creation of short films. In the first part of the evening, three films that stood out in the 2021 vintage will be presented.

An inspiring filmmaker< strong>

Next, a tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée, an exceptional filmmaker who most likely influenced many artists who are members of the Kino movement.

A testimony of the filmmaker dating from 2013 will be presented on the big screen. Jean-Marc Vallée had then sponsored a production block of the Kino Kabaret of Montreal and generously shared his cinematographic approach.

This testimony will be followed by two short films which were inspired by it: Le jour j'ai décélissé by Céline France and :p by Matthew Fournier.

Films recently made in honor of Jean-Marc Vallée will conclude the evening.

“Kino Montreal will unveil a series of 2-minute short films made expressly for the evening with the common theme of paying tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée. This achievement challenge was launched last January and was open to everyone. Those who answered the call could interpret this “tribute” challenge in the way they wished: fiction, documentary, testimony, art film, etc…”, can we read in the press release of the event.

Kino Evening – 23rd anniversary
Friday March 4, 2022 at 8:30 p.m. at the Plaza Theater (6505 , rue Saint-Hubert)
Ticket: $12 in presale, $15 at the door

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