Knitting for 7 to 77 year olds

Knitting for 7 to 77 years old

Knitting, an activity reserved for grandma? We couldn't be more wrong. For the past ten years, its popularity has exploded, particularly during the pandemic, with all generations, including the youngest. 

If students were rare in the knitting shop Plateau La Bobineuse a few years ago, the pandemic changed everything, says owner Fanny Lalonde. 

An accessible balm 

By dint of being cloistered at home twiddling their thumbs between bouts of anxiety, many of these young people said to themselves: “Why not start knitting? » 

And the experience was appreciated.  

“It's a relaxing, almost meditative activity,” says Ms. Lalonde, who is delighted that the practice can soothe pandemic anxiety. 

“It's a natural anti-stress recognized by neuroscientists,” adds Claire Barbeau, of the woolen store La Maison tricotée. self.  

And unlike yeast and toilet paper, wool has always remained accessible, even as its sales have increased. During the first year of the pandemic, the Quebec textile company Filature Lemieux saw its sales of skeins of wool jump 300%.  

“It doesn’t take much [ to get into knitting] and the material is very easy to find,” assures Fanny Lalonde. 

Yes, you can get it in supermarkets, but to have quality and encourage local purchases, head to specialized shops. Beautiful wool is quite expensive, but the comfort is increased tenfold. 

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The power of the web 

To learn, you don't have to sit with old people and risk giving them COVID-19. On the Internet, especially on YouTube, you can find thousands of tutorials. 

The Knitted House alone has put online more than 800 hours of free lessons during the pandemic. 

In her entire career, the store owner had never seen such autonomy in learning. Before, his customers asked him for books or patterns, or signed up for classes. Now everything happens on the Internet.  

Social networks, sites like Etsy and influencers specializing in knitting, like Maxim Cyr, alias maxtheknitter (61.2 subscribers), are also important sources of inspiration for new followers. 

“Right now, it’s the balaklava [a hat convertible into a neck warmer]. For a month and a half, almost every day, young people in their twenties come to see me because they want to knit a balaklava. They saw it on the Internet and they are going to follow a YouTube tutorial to make their own,” laughs Ms. Barbeau. 

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Different tastes 

This enthusiasm also comes from the strong desire of the younger generations to make their clothes at the handmade by environmental conscience. &nbsp ;

In addition to the recent trend of balaklava, young people will knit larger clothes and with heavier wool, compared to what their elders would  

“They will also like projects that go quickly, that can be done in a short time,” remarks Madeleine Savard of Tricoteuses du quartier.  

The important thing is that it's homemade, with ease. 

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