Koriass: finding peace in chaos

Koriass: finding peace in chaos

Koriass is back. In your headphones, on TV and on a stage near you. The rapper is releasing his new album Abri de fortune (for end of the world) next week in addition to reprising his role as a judge in the television rap competition The end of the weak . Meet.

Listening to the lyrics of your album, you seem to be well now, serene even. Am I wrong? 

You are not mistaken. When my albums come out, I'm usually told it's dark. Well, it's good to hear that's not the case. Happiness is always to work. I aspire to maintain my well-being. For now, I'm fine and I want it to stay that way.  

This serenity is even on the cover of your album, on which we see you on a background rose quietly make you a coffee while around everything is black, imbued with an aura of the end of the world. 

“If it's the end of the world, it's not the end of the world”, as I say on the album. No matter what happens on a large or small scale, the only thing I can control is how I will handle events.  

What is who explains this desire for serenity in your life? 

It is the result of a lot of personal work, visits to my shrink. It's sickening to all the drama in my life. I want a peaceful life. I've been through some tough times over the past few years. I don't want to go back there. I prefer to maintain what is good, not to ruminate on the past, to look forward… A discourse that may be cliché, but which is true.  

What is inspired you to write this album? 

The state of the world which is really not going well, which affects me and which tints my lyrics. I have always loved dystopia in artwork. I find that there is substance in the analysis of the course of humanity. Without being too exploited, it is a thread that links the songs and the concept of the album. 

You seem in love on the album. Did your girlfriend have an influence on its creation? 

Sharing your daily life with someone enriches the human experience. This common experience also tints my creation. Also, my girlfriend is a visual artist [@petit.myosotis, on Instagram]. She is the one who did the album cover. All our conversations contributed to the creative process. She introduced me to automatic writing. If I had made this album alone, it would have been completely different.  

She is not the only one to have collaborated on your project…&nbsp ;

In effect. I offered my daughter to sing on a few songs because she is currently taking singing and piano lessons. She was very happy. I have also done collaborations with artists whose work I like. We find in particular the veteran Imposs, my favorite Quebec rapper, one of my childhood idols. It's a privilege to have his voice on my album.  

You're starting to be a veteran too. How do you stay inspired and motivated after so many years of rapping? 

I feed on art in general. For example, I am interested in foreign auteur cinema in order to inspire me for my music videos. It's important to stay curious, not to always do the same thing, to be daring. I try to go further in writing, to be more poetic, less first degree, to find more eloquent images. 

You who are a figurehead of the hip-hop scene in Quebec, what do you think of the recent emergence of many new talents? 

I have moved away from the very competitive spirit that once made me look at other people's numbers. This desire to get rid of my ego, to deflate it, is also present in my album. The success of some is good for others in Quebec rap. It opens doors through which everyone can subsequently enter. The movement is currently well in the saddle. I am happy to see that it is more inclusive and representative than before. I hope to see even more girls in the next few years.  

The second season of The End of the Weak< /strong>will it be much different from the first one? 

Yes. We were told there would be a lot of changes. I was looking forward to seeing them and I can confirm that they are very positive. This year, there are only eight candidates instead of 16, and each episode is devoted to a single event. As the candidates return in each episode, we have more time to get to know them and get attached to them. Every week, we also receive guest judges who are super relevant. Finally, the way of scoring points is greatly improved with the introduction of a score table like in sports. It's much more objective than last year. In rewatching the first season, I found that I would have changed some of our choices. 

What did you think of the contestants? 

The candidates are strong. I was surprised at the caliber. I backed up in my chair a few times, had some big surprises, especially in a cappella. They impress me with their ease. It's so much pressure. I wouldn't have done that when I started. Seeing artists who surpass themselves inspires me a lot and makes me want to go back to the studio. They write punchlines that I would have liked to write. It's gas to keep going.  

Now that the album and filming for the show are done, what's next for you?  

Shows. My summer schedule is very busy. I can't wait to put together the new songs with my band. But first, I have to get back in shape, play sports and lose my extra pandemic weight. The shows are cardio! The physical aspect of the scene stresses me out. There will also be surprises, secret projects are in preparation. Usually, long delays separate my projects. This time, I plan to dive back into creating pretty soon. I don't intend to be unemployed.

Abri de fortune (for end of the world) will be available on listening platforms from April 1st.

The End of the Weak will be broadcast on March 29 on Télé-Québec.

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