KRAFTON: a new video game studio in Montreal

KRAFTON : a new video game studio in Montreal 

One of the visuals inspired by the Korean novels of “The Bird That Drinks Tears”.

Montréal is indeed a global video game hub. Need more proof? Korean conglomerate KRAFTON, to whom we owe the hit game PUBG, has just moved to metropolitan France and plans to hire 150 people over the next three years. 

First objective: to adapt the series of fantasy novels The Bird That Drinks Tears, created and written by Yeong-do Lee, recognized as the pioneer of the genre in Korea, can we read in the press release of the 'business.

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The Bird That Drinks Tearshas been popular with readers for 20 years for its elaborate worldview and three-dimensional characters, it says. It is characterized by its unique settings and characters which beautifully represent East and West as well as the story of four races, the Humans, Leckorn, Dokkaebis and Nagas, which intertwine as events unfold.” 

KRAFTON, a collective of independent game development studios behind the success of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, has been working since 2021 to visually transpose the novel's world and characters recounting a conflict between various races that has lasted for more than a millennium. A concept trailer has also been available on the web since last September:  

“We are thrilled to open our first Canadian AAA studio in Montreal, one of the best cities in the world for video game production,” KRAFTON President and CEO CH Kim said in a statement.

Contesting that the talent pool is impressive in the metropolis, CH Kim specified that KRAFTON Montreal will be their 3rd studio in North America. 

AAA designates video games with the highest development and promotional budgets in the industry. 

KRAFTON Montreal will be headed by Patrik Méthé, “an exceptional executive,” according to CH Kim, with extensive experience “in taking franchises to new heights”. 

Studio head Patrick Méthé said his goal is to “deliver the best adaptation of the novel and provide an exceptional experience for players”.  

“As a Having been a fan of medieval fantasy since my teens, I am thrilled to bring a fantasy masterpiece to life in the form of an ambitious and memorable game,” concluded the studio head. 

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