Kruger's union calls for the clock

Kruger's union calls for the clock

Last August, workers from the Kruger plant were stationed at the King-Jacques-Cartier intersection to alert public opinion to the importance of relaunching their plant.

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Lilia Gaulin La Tribune Members of the Brompton Pulp and Paper Workers Union – CSN (STTPPB) wish to clarify rumors about a potential revival of the plant. They want more details from their employer.

Since the final shutdown of newsprint production at the Kruger mill more than seven months ago, these workers have been unemployed. The past few months have been filled with uncertainty and concern for the latter, and many are eagerly awaiting a possible revival.

Union members have decided to go to great lengths to make their voices heard by writing directly to Kruger's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Kruger to obtain clarification surrounding the rumors of a relaunch.

“All the members of our union will therefore send him a letter asking him to tell us, as soon as possible, what will happen to the jobs at our plant. We are also calling on the government of François Legault and asking it for rapid clarification in connection with these rumors, ”explains the vice-president of the STTPPB, Kevin Lepage.

Workers have been recalled in recent weeks to make a temporary return to work. “Concretely on the one hand, we can see that something is happening on the pitch, but on the other hand it is absolute silence. It is hard to understand the attitude of local human resources. We no longer know on which foot to dance. We demand more clarity from the employer. There are inconsistencies and we are starting to get a bit exhausted. “

The CUPWP raised a lack of communication between the two parties. “As we know, the factory announced the final closure of the paper machines in September. Then there was the dismissal of about 150 out of 175 people. There were discussions for stimulus projects in September. It had given information that was rather positive, but since that time, we haven't really had any updates, ”adds Mr. Lepage. He also points out that the site of the old factory is not obsolete and that it still has potential.

Work at the cogeneration plant

For his part, Kruger's senior vice-president for corporate affairs and communications, Jean Majeau, points out that the movement on the old site is explained by work currently being carried out on the cogeneration plant. “The cogeneration plant, which was restarted on September 28, must undergo annual maintenance. We are going to recall around fifty workers to do that. There are already people on the plant site to prepare for maintenance work. This is why there is action on the site. “

Maintenance work will begin on December 4 for a period of nine days. In an official response, Kruger mentions that this work will heat its facilities during the winter, while supplying Hydro-Quebec with green energy.

Various scenarios continue to be analyzed in order to put in place a viable long-term business plan for the Brompton plant, the company said in an email exchange with La Tribune .

Kruger will pay his debts

The Quebec government revealed in its economic update on Thursday that it did not expect to review the $ 125 million it loaned Kruger for the construction of a tissue paper plant anytime soon. in Sherbrooke.

Kruger's senior vice president of corporate affairs and communications, Jean Majeau, says Kruger will be able to repay its debts on time. “We are repaying our loans. We are a good corporate citizen. The Sherbrooke project is progressing very well and is on schedule. The plant will be fully operational as planned in February 2021 ”, assures Mr. Majeau.

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