La Chapelle du rang 1 rewarded [PHOTOS]

La Chapelle du rang 1 rewarded [PHOTOS]

La Chapelle du rang 1 is the winner of the 2020 Reuse Award, offered by the Religious Heritage Council of Quebec (CPRQ), for giving new life to the St. Barnabas Chapel in Lac-Mégantic.

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Sabrina Lavoie La Tribune La Chapelle du rang 1 wins a prize of excellence awarded by the Quebec Religious Heritage Council (CPRQ), for giving new life to the St. Barnabas Chapel in Lac-Mégantic, a building built in 1891 .

The small Anglican chapel stood out in the “Reuse” category of the annual competition organized by the CPRQ, which aims to highlight the commitment of individuals in the promotion and enhancement of religious heritage.

Since their acquisition, the members of the Lavallée family have carried out several restoration works in the old chapel, which has about sixty places. Their goal? Offer intimate cultural events focused on proximity and contact between artists and the public.

“We are touched and extremely proud of this tribute, because the preservation of the built heritage has been the source of our cultural and community animation project since its inception in summer 2017. A family project at the start, which has become a project community ”, reacted the family on social networks.

According to Hubert Lavallée, who takes on the role of artistic director, it is above all the family spirit of the project that has allowed the Chapel of row 1 to stand out from the other buildings in the running. However, he gives credit to the citizens of the region who always respond positively to the events organized.

“Without the support of citizens, I don't think we would be there. It is really thanks to them that the project works and that there is a certain enthusiasm. This is also why we are launching into a vacuum with larger-than-life projects. We know that people are there and that they are going to embark on our follies, ”says the youngest of the three brothers hired on a voluntary basis.

He adds that the Lac-Mégantic railway tragedy in 2013 destroyed several heritage buildings in the region. “There are not many left. Several were set on fire or demolished because of the contamination. Keeping the ones that stay alive and reclaiming them, I think that makes a difference. “

1/5La Chapelle du rang 1 rewarded [PHOTOS]

Cleaning and preparation of surfaces in spring 2017. Provided

Four other heritage buildings were nominated alongside the little chapel of St. Barnabas, namely the La Scala Housing Co-operative (Montreal), the Saint-Raphaël Palliative Care House (Montreal), Notre-Dame Church (Granby ) and La Scala Santa (Lac-Bouchette).

The main evaluation criteria for this Award of Excellence were the compatibility of new uses with the heritage building, the quality of the interventions, the enhancement of the heritage qualities and the social acceptability of the project.

The restoration of the glass roof of the Sainte-Agnès church built in 1841, also in Lac-Mégantic, was for its part a finalist in the “Restoration” category. However, it was the Church of St. James the Apostle (Cacouna) that won the honors.

Since 2013, several achievements have been recognized through the CPRQ Awards of Excellence. “These people are essential actors in the ecosystem of the safeguard of these cultural goods”, recalls the non-profit organization.

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