LaF launches a long matured album

LaF launches a long-mucirc; laughed

LaF, in their Rosemont studio.

Hip-hop group LaF releases its new album, CHROME, on Friday, a tangible artistic work behind which hides a long creative process, marked by the pandemic, social movements, the introspection and the resulting discussions. 

The creation having spread over two and a half years, it is the musical project on which the group has spent the most time of its entire career, having released one opus per year from 2016 to 2020.  < /p>

“We did several recording sessions in chalets, before taking a break to do our solo projects, then we started working on the album again here to complete the songs”, says Mantisse, one of the three rappers of the formation of five members (including two beatmakers), live from the living room of his Rosemont apartment, which also serves as the group's studio.

Separate to find one another better 

Used to symbiosis , the members of LaF have obviously been turned upside down by the pandemic. But that didn't stop them from creating, quite the contrary.  

Rappers Mantisse, Jamaz and Bkay have all released solo projects in the past year and a half. An experience which was very enriching for them and which allowed them to master their art even more before reuniting with the group to finish their new album.  

“It's so different to work alone, says Jamaz. I learned a lot by doing this, I discovered myself in a different way. Coming back to the studio with the band, I had a sharper eye for what I was doing, more confidence in certain things. I now have new cards in my hand. »

A feeling shared by the two other rappers.  

“I worked a lot on my voice for my project, says Bkay. On Citadelle [the band's previous album], I felt like I always had the same tone of voice. By working on this alone at home, I was able to explore and trust myself more. »

LaF launches a long-mûri album 

Laf. Photo: Denis Germain/Métro

Reflections of their time 

With CHROME, the group delivers a more serious, darker album than what we have been accustomed to from him. All the visual accompanying it is in fact a monochrome black while that of the previous project, Soin Entreprise, was in shades of orange. 

“ The album was made partly in a pandemic, in a more dark phaseof our lives during which we did introspection, questioning, work on ourselves, therapy. You can see it in the visuals and you can hear it in the music,” Jamaz believes. the pandemic or even mental health issues are significant elements for their generation.  

“From that emerged a lot of thoughts and conversations between us,” he says. Our texts reflect our personal questionings that have become collective. Without being subjects directly addressed in our songs, the hubbub of ideas that we exchange between us on a daily basis is reflected in our music. 

The LaF sound 

The LaF guys aren't the type to make theme songs, specifically addressing one topic or another. So there won't be a love song here or a partythere.  

They write rather impulsively, using the technique of automatic writing, always gathered together in the same room, without necessarily knowing where the songs will take them. It is afterwards that the reflections make it possible to organize the whole.  

As much in the words as in the beats, the members of LaF believe they have developed their own unique sound in the Quebec hip-hop landscape. Of that, they are very proud. 

CHROME will be available on platforms this Friday, March 31st. The group will present the album to its public on April 14 at the MTelus with Claudia Bouvette opening for it.  

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