“L'air d'aller”: a new role for Catherine St-Laurent after “District 31”

“L’air d’aller”: a new role for Catherine St-Laurent after “District 31”

Actress Catherine St-Laurent

She told Métro that she was in no hurry to embark on a new project, but the holidays were still short-lived for Catherine St-Laurent, aka Noélie St-Hilaire, after the end of District 31.

“L’air d’aller”: a new role ;le for Catherine St-Laurent after “District 31”

Catherine St-Laurent on the set of District 31
Credit: Éric Myre

The actress has just landed a role in L'air d 'aller, a new Télé-Québec series featuring four friends with cystic fibrosis. Upon learning that a member of the band is in danger of dying before the end of the summer, the quartet will be animated by a new thirst for life and will seize every moment of happiness, thus proving that sick people are sometimes happier. only healthy people!

Catherine St-Laurent, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Joakim Robillard and Noémie Leduc-Vaudry will be the headliners of this comedy addressing the themes of life, friendship, dreams that we try to achieve and the union that makes strength in difficult times.

L'air d'aller is the first television fiction of the poet and novelist Jean-Christophe Réhel (What we breathe on Tatouine, Combing the fire).

The program must take the antenna of Télé -Quebec in the winter of 2023.

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