“Lamentable”: the very intimate first novel by comedian Sam Cyr

“Lamentable”: the very intimate first novel of comedian Sam Cyr

A popular comedian, Sam Cyr had time to write a novel between his appearances in various galas , festivals, TV shows and podcasts.

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The story told in the novel is his own. The author dives back into his memories and recounts his first year of university in Quebec after leaving his native Gaspésie.

The tone is intimate, very personal. The simple, unpretentious writing allows a pleasant proximity between the author and his readership. It takes us directly into the head of the student affected by repressed homosexuality, an eating disorder and a serious lack of self-esteem. This one confesses to us all his discomfort, his embarrassment and his almost sickly complexes.

All this may seem heavy, but Sam Cyr remains a comedian and knows how to laugh at this era now behind him, thanks in particular to his sense of sarcasm.

With the story set in 2006-2007, millennial readers will relish the specific references to their youth, from Safarir magazine to visits to the video store to by the reign of Sean Paul and Akon, songs uploaded to LimeWire and many others.

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