Laroie out of his cage

Laroie out of his cage

Laroie is releasing a third EP this Friday, Tragedy.

Author-composer-performer Laroie is releasing a third EP in less than three years this Friday, Tragedy. A very personal and liberating musical project which, she hopes, can serve as a springboard to international success.

Through his music, Laroie is an open book. Listening to her projects is getting to know her. Thus, Tragedy is the follow-up to the questioning started in Speed ​​of Life, her previous EP released in September 2021, which she considers to be the one that allowed her to find his direction as an artist and who was very introspective in his talk.

The Big Leap 

The artist confided in it about his significant awareness of his discomfort. “I was very lost, in my late twenties. I had been in a relationship for a long time and I had forgotten myself, made very small for the comfort of others. I felt less connected to the present moment. I needed to get out of my cage, refocus, realign myself with myself and my values. » 

With Tragedy, Laroie discusses in his texts the actions that have been taken to remedy this situation, to find himself, to regain control of his identity. 

“It's the break, then it's the exploration of my identity, especially my sexual identity. It is the reconnection with facets of myself that I had put aside, which could no longer stay in a box. »

For the anecdote, Laroie recounts having explained to her psychologist that she was afraid of breaking what she had with her partner if she went to the end of her exploration, to which the shrink had replied: “If you are not going at the end of this exploration, it will be a tragedy”. That was the trigger; the artist had found the theme and the title of his new EP. 

Percer elsewhere 

Liberated and confident, wings spread, Laroie now wants to fly very high and hopes that her EP will lead her to an international career. She is very drawn to the London music scene where she believes her electro and R&B sounds with trip-hop and UK Garage influences could resonate particularly well. She recently went there to try to clear the ground and is going back there soon. 

It is quite difficult for an artist in her niche, who does pieces in English, to obtain a lot of visibility in Quebec, believes the one who grew up listening to the R&B divas of the 1990s like Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige or Lauryn Hill and the dance tracks of the early years 2000.  

His music has something to please. Its producer, Gene Tellem, evolves in the underground electro scene, while Laroie sings with a rather R&B voice. “We come together, but we also get out of our comfort zones. They often include musician Robert Robert to incorporate more pop, “but not pre-chewed” details into their tracks. Thus, Laroie believes that together, they manage to create something both niche and accessible.  

The next step? Launch a full album. Until then, the EP Tragedy hits listening platforms on March 3. The launch will be held in 5 to 7 mode at the Zamalek Drinks location in Montreal on March 23.

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