Laundromat cafes: laundry pleasures

Laundry-cafés: laundry pleasures

The candy pink laundry room, Chez Pinkita on Fairmount Street, in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Doing laundry is a chore. But when you can take advantage of this time to socialize, have a coffee, eat a meal or work a little in a warm atmosphere, it's already frankly less bad. This is what some café-laundry shops in Montreal offer. 

La brasserie 

2522, rue Beaubien Est 

La brassée is a charming café-bistro across from Molson Park in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie. It is also a theater where you can attend concerts almost every night. And as if that weren't enough, at the back is a laundry room where you can do your laundry.  

The place was previously called the Mousse Café and offered much the same concept. When the owner sold the establishment, he wanted the buyer to keep the laundry room. Cédric Amram liked the idea, he bought it. 

“I have long been a customer of ordinary laundries. I find them sad to die for. It's cold, soulless, lifeless. With this concept, we make the laundry room much more human,” he thinks.  

The owner of La brassée also explains that some of his customers prefer not to have a washer at home to come here, go out, and enjoy neighborhood life.  

At the end of the day , customers who use the establishment's laundry service represent only 5 to 10% of the clientele. It's more of an extra service to the community, with the cafe running very well on its own.   

Laundry-cafés: ​​laundry-pleasures

La Brassée cafe-laundry./Josie Desmarais/Metro

La buvanderie 

248, rue Villeneuve Ouest 

Without the theater dimension, La buvanderie offers a concept quite similar to that of La brasseriee, that is to say coffee, food and washing.  

Culinary specificity: as the owners come from Italy, the food is mainly Italian.   

“We prepare pasta, risottos, soup; the food changes every day depending on what my husband Bruno, the cook, concocts”, explains Mélanie Bourgeault, co-owner.  

In summer, customers can settle in the beautiful large shaded back garden for dining while waiting for their clothes to be clean and dry.  

When they bought the establishment four years ago, the owners did not think of keeping the laundry vocation, but the people of the neighborhood convinced them of the opposite, many of them not having a machine at home. The couple made the bet to try it and, in the end, they really appreciate it, as do the neighborhood.  

Laundry-cafes: laundry-pleasures

La Buvanderie cafe-laundry, on rue Villeneuve, in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal./Josie Desmarais/Metro

Chez Pinkita 

75 Fairmount Avenue West 

Chez Pinkita stands out from other coffee shops. In fact, the establishment simply stands out, even around the world. In addition to offering customers the opportunity to clean up their t-shirts, it serves as a museum of pink. Everything, everything, everything is pink. Even the drinks served there. 

The design attracts hordes of tourists in search of a beautiful selfie and even professionals from various backgrounds who are looking for an original setting for their photo shoots. 

Pink color makes people happy“, confirms the owner, Rocky Mt. Lo, who is delighted with the success of the place. 

Artist committed to charitable organizations, in Canada as well as in Hong Kong, where he is from, the tenant makes it his mission to make people happy. In fact, it is impossible not to smile as soon as you enter this very special place. We listen to him happily tell us his stories while sipping a fruity drink and we leave with pockets full of exotic sweets and clothes that smell good. 

Laundry-cafes: laundry-pleasures

The candy pink laundry room, Chez Pinkita on Fairmount Street, in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal./Josie Desmarais/Metro

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