Laval police are calling for immediate funding

Les police de Laval are asking for immediate funding

The Brotherhood of Police Officers of Laval is asking for immediate funding in Quebec.

After the November 11 shooting in front of Collège Montmorency, the Laval Police Fraternity asked the provincial government for immediate funding.

Such funding would be used to hire additional police officers and to add personnel to the anti-gun violence squads, the Brotherhood explains in a press release.

The Brotherhood also argues that despite the hard work of law enforcement, “armed violence is still very present on Laval territory and the resources to combat it are limited”.

The representative body of Laval police officers also justifies its request by the funding received by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) on August 27, which obtained $250M over five years from the government. provincial. This sum is precisely aimed at hiring 450 police officers to help in the fight against armed violence.

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